“Lego” launched “Welcome to adults” ad


The LEGO company has seriously taken up the work of replenishing the ranks of the builders with representatives of the older generations, as well as the return of those who, having matured, ceased to be engaged in construction. This is precisely what the advertising campaign launched the other day under the slogan Welcome adults!.

The Danish manufacturer is trying to convey to everyone that designers can become a source of interesting pastime not only for children and teenagers, but for everyone, regardless of age. Many have already noticed that recently sets with a special mark “18+” have appeared on store shelves.

Adult sets advertised on social media include 10280 LEGO Flower Bouquet from the so-called “botanical” series, 42125 LEGO Ferrari 488 GTE “AF Corse #51” and 10282 LEGO Adidas Originals Superstar. If we evaluate these kits from the content side, then they are ideal for an advertising campaign. Each of them, in fact, immediately immerses the owner of the head in a creative atmosphere that the “world of cubes” can give. Plus, they allow you to create truly collectible models with your own hands. Prefabricated toys reflect real prototypes as much as possible, turn into bewitching decorations for home or office interiors.

Apparently, the company systematically intends to replenish the “adult” category with new designers. Proof of this will be the release in November of the 10294 LEGO Titanic set, which makes it possible to assemble from more than 9000 parts, perhaps the largest model of the known ship. Suffice it to say that its length will be 135 cm!


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