LEGO Introduces Cycling Rollercoaster Set

For thrill-seekers, the Lego company will soon present a real gift in the form of a designer 10303 LEGO Cycling Rollercoaster. It will appear on free sale in September, but LEGO VIP customers will be able to purchase it from July 1. The giant model, which is assembled from the details of the novelty, will be a great successor to the 2018 roller coaster presented in the assembly kit under the article 10261.

At one time, the previous version of the attraction attracted close attention, but failed to fully satisfy the needs of design fans. The main reason was that at that time the prefabricated structure showed only the so-called “flat” version of the roller coaster with some slopes, but without the famous loops.

And now, 4 years later, the Danish company brings a completely new model to the court of the “world of cubes” fans. It strikes the imagination not only with its gigantic size, but also with the main focus on the 92-centimeter lift and two steep loops.

“When we designed this set,” said Danish designer Pierre Normandin, “we wanted to recreate the feeling you get when it just starts tipping over the highest point.

The roller coaster model will be one of the tallest buildable toys in Lego history. For example, they are taller than the prefabricated toys from the set. 75313 LEGO Star Wars UCS AT-AT (69 cm) and 71741 LEGO Ninjago City Gardens (73 cm).

To all other:

  • the design is endowed with exciting features, it is initially ready for modernization in the form of the addition of electric motors to automate the gameplay;

  • The package includes 11 minifigures, which makes the game location as realistic as possible.

Constructor 10303 LEGO Cycling Rollercoaster consists of 3756 parts. It is addressed to builders of the 18+ category. In fact, it will be the first set to be released as part of the newborn LEGO Icons series, replacing the previous Creator Expert line. We have already talked about this innovation earlier.

A month ago, when the kit was still rumored, fans assumed that it would cost 349.99 euros. However, the upcoming increase in prices for Lego products in August has made adjustments in the direction of a noticeable increase in the price tag: the novelty costs 399.99 euros.

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