LEGO Ideas NINJAGO Unity Microgame Contest Ends


Nearing the end microgame competition “Ideas: NinjaGo”, announced by the manufacturer of designers LEGO together with the company for the creation of computer games Unity. Interestingly, instead of simply announcing the names of the winners, the initiators of the competition decided to go the other way. On November 18, the expert commission organized a live broadcast from its final meeting. So anyone who wished had the opportunity, as they say, first-hand, to get acquainted with the preliminary results of the work of the jury.

During the live broadcast, members of the commission presented materials with the best works of the contestants in each category. More detailed attention was paid to the demonstration of projects with microgames, which received the highest approval among the specialists of both companies. However, what happened next in the broadcast turned out to be completely unexpected for the viewers: the expert commission determined only the candidates claiming to win the competition. But the final decision on which of them is worthy of the support of LEGO and Unity will have to be made directly by video game fans. This will be determined in the course of a mass vote scheduled until November 25. Based on the votes received, the expert commission will officially announce the winners on December 2.

Winners of the competition will get good prizes. The Danish manufacturer will honor the top entries with 71374 LEGO LEGO Super Mario Nintendo Game Console, 71741 LEGO NINJAGO NINJAGO City Gardens, 71360 LEGO Super Mario Adventures with Mario Starter Course and 21166 LEGO Minecraft Abandoned Mine. And the American company Unity Technologies will give the winners an annual subscription to Unity Pro, $200 in credit in the Unity store, and will also provide the opportunity to demonstrate their microgame in Lego slot machines.


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