Lego Hogwarts Express set to be released this fall

Rumors of a Hogwarts Express Collector’s Edition periodically appear on the Internet. However, there has been no official confirmation so far. Despite this, Harry Potter fans got a unique opportunity to get a first look at the expected constructor thanks to the leaked information.

It happened quite by accident and to some extent even funny. Several customers of online stores from New Zealand and Australia ordered the advertised constructor 10305 LEGO ICONS Lion Knights Castlebut instead of it, a new set for adults was found inside the received parcel 76405 LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Express. Obviously, the operators mixed up the novelties and mistakenly sent the wrong prefabricated kit to the recipients. As a result, several users immediately shared pictures with an unexpected find on their social networks.

This news was picked up by the ubiquitous bloggers and they began to “dig” under the topic. With the results of the search, we decided to introduce you.

Lego Hogwarts Express Collectible Model Coming This Fall

What is the Hogwarts Express Model?

As you can see from the images, the collectible model will be non-standard for Lego dimensions. Approximate dimensions of the Hogwarts Express: about 120 cm long and 26 cm high. Accordingly, a fragment of the railway, along which a large-scale toy moves, is almost 2 times wider. So, motorizing a steam locomotive on large traction wheels and launching it with wagons on a conventional “piece of iron” built from parts of previous sets will not work in any way.

Otherwise, the model strongly resembles the previous model from the designer under the number 75955, released in 2018. The express train consists of a familiar locomotive, a trailer with coal for firing a steam locomotive and one passenger car. In addition to the main structure, the location reproduces a small but well-detailed section of the famous railway platform 9 3/4 of London’s King’s Cross Station, from where the characters go to study at Hogwarts Wizarding School.

The last car is quite large and is conditionally divided into three separate compartments. This design practically contains the whole essence of the idea of ​​the authors of the project. They devoted each section to a landmark episode from films about Harry Potter different seasons. For example, in the first one, you can play the episode of the acquaintance of the main characters Harry and Ron with Hermione – they are sitting in a compartment and eating the witch’s sweets from the diner. At that very moment, she enters their compartment and asks: “Has anyone seen a toad?”

The second compartment setting will transport users 2 years into the future when Harry, Ron and Hermione sleep in Remus Lupin’s compartment. Suddenly, the express stops and a Dementor bursts in, looking for Sirius Black. The uninvited guest is driven away by the awakened Lupine with the help of the Patronus spell: “I think … someone’s coming aboard!”

For this, 3 special light stones are included in the package. It is they who make it possible to recreate the scene that is played out in the passenger train at the moment described.

Lego Hogwarts Express Collectible Model Coming This Fall

What minifigures are included in the set?

Well, the real highlight of the set is the presence of 20 miniature figures – they are also distributed in separate scenes. Therefore, the main characters of the story are presented in several versions, corresponding to their appearance in a particular episode of the film. For example, Harry Potter is presented here in four versions.

By the way, the constructor in question will delight collectors not only with the original model of the express train, but also with completely new figures. For the first time, adults Harry and Ginny will appear in the themed line, along with their two children.

Collection set 76405 LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Includes 5129 parts and 20 minifigures. According to preliminary data, it will be sold at a price of 499.99 euros. The expected release date for toy stores is September 1, 2022.

Lego Hogwarts Express Collectible Model Coming This Fall

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