“Lego” has released a set of 3 in 1 with a noodle shop

Fun play set 31131 LEGO Creator Downtown Noodle Shop refers to the kits of the 3 in 1 series. At the same time, the name was given only according to the main model.

In fact, fans of the “world of cubes” are given the opportunity to choose one of the three options offered. In addition to a two-story townhouse, you can build a bike shop or an arcade. But these are just suggestions from developers, and the most creative builders from plastic “bricks” may well bring their own projects to life.

The main model is a two-story townhouse with a noodle shop downstairs. Notable items include an ice cream vending machine and a bicycle.

On the second floor there are amazing apartments with a rooftop terrace, where you can relax after a hard day’s work. A retractable roof and a double-opening building complete the play experience by bringing the action indoors.

In the second project, the building is being rebuilt as a bicycle shop, which is being developed by an art studio. There is a news stand next to the building, and a bonsai tree grows on the side.

The third option will provide the child with a gaming location in the form of an arcade with three cool races.

Thus, the developers of the kit offer children to choose the appropriate option or create their own. In standard stories, they will be able to visit the city center and act out realistic stories with the help of two miniature figures.

Downtown noodle shop, bike shop, or arcade?

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