Lego has released a new set with an express train

Lego produced the latest toy train model 4 years ago! The term for the toy industry is pretty decent. Therefore, there is no doubt that the new constructor 60337 LEGO City Passenger Express Train will arouse great interest among construction fans.

The long absence of new items in the popular “Railroad” theme will make this model one of the most desirable additions to old toys. At the same time, in the assembly 60337 LEGO City Passenger Express Train a replica of an ultra-modern remote-controlled passenger train will be presented.

The express train is a model consisting of a locomotive, a dining car and a passenger car. The dimensions of the assembled train will be:

  • more than 10 cm in height,
  • 86 cm long,
  • 25 cm wide.

The train is equipped with the LEGO Powered Up technological complex, which ensures the movement of the train. It is noteworthy that for the first time such a model was developed with the headlights of the locomotive turned on. Moreover, the brightness of the lighting can be adjusted using the remote control or through a special application in the gadget.

The toy includes an elevated station platform with a bench for passengers waiting for the arrival of the train, with an information board with a schedule for the arrival and departure of the express train from the station. The six miniature figurines represent passengers, including one disabled person in a wheelchair, and railroad employees. Also included in the package is a railway line, which is built from 24 elements of the railway. In general, the set allows children to get at their disposal a full-fledged game location where they can play realistic stories.

Set price 60337 LEGO City Passenger Express Train is 149.99 euros.

Meet: the long-awaited express train from Lego arrives on the platform

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