Lego has officially confirmed that the base plates remain in stock.


This year there have been many rumors about changes in construction elements. So, already in February, there were reports that the new road panels used in some constructors of the City series would soon completely replace base base plates. And finally, after a few months, the Lego company drew attention to the rumors that spread on the Internet and published a somewhat belated, but official statement on this issue.

Now it became clear that no changes to the standard plates are planned. In 2022, they will be available to all customers in the same colors and sizes that existed until today. True, the manufacturer did not specify whether this statement concerns another sore subject for fans of the “world of cubes” – the future cost of the base plates.

It has been officially confirmed that starting from the beginning of March next year, the base plates will be delivered in paper packages. The Danish manufacturer has long announced its decision to replace the plastic packaging material in its products with a more environmentally friendly and durable one. The building plates will thus be the first Lego pieces to be delivered in paper packs.


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