LEGO Halloween 2022 Minifigures Available Now

With the onset of autumn in the company stores of the Danish company “Lego” it is planned early opening of the halloween season. That is, those who are lucky will already be able to find new characters to celebrate Dia de los Muertos.

The fall minifigures are, admittedly, pretty spooky, but in the right style. Therefore, the demand for them among those who like to tickle their nerves is practically guaranteed. Moreover, such products every year become interesting to a huge number of buyers. For example, such a “holiday” replenishment in the towers LEGO Build a Minifigure in May 2022, it quickly sold out from store shelves. So those who wish to become owners of new products will have to “sweat” a little.

So, let’s get acquainted with the exclusive characters of the autumn collection. The first of them (in the picture on the far left) is presented in a bat costume. Subject connoisseurs will immediately notice his new headpiece, which first appears with lavender bat ears. An updated lavender wings print is also visible. This bat costume looks very nice.

This scarecrow figurine is perfect for Halloween celebrations. With such a head in the form of a pumpkin with a sewn-on face and button eyes, it can scare not only the birds in the garden. The new torso looks great – the upper torso combines a green jumpsuit and a red shirt with straw arms.

The symbolic character of the Day of the Dead is La Catrina. Therefore, her debut in the “world of cubes” will be received positively by many Halloween fans. She looks awfully beautiful:

  • white head with highly detailed Dia de los Muerto skull,
  • red rose on chest
  • long skirt with beautiful ruffles.

Everything shows that the Witch has also updated her wardrobe. She is shown wearing an updated black hat that goes well with her orange hair. The same harmony of clothes with a symbol of a spider on the chest with purple hands of a witch is observed.

The fall Halloween selection isn’t limited to these minifigures. The home collection can also be supplemented with a figurine:

  • ladies with a pizza box,
  • girl dressed in a light jacket,
  • scout with badge and other characters.

You can buy your favorite characters in the online stores of the Lego company. However, the serviceBuild a minifigure”, to which they refer, is still in beta. Therefore, even Western construction fans cannot always take advantage of this opportunity. Well, the Russians can only hope for parallel imports.

Lego Stores Already Offering New Figures for Halloween 2022

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