LEGO House Museum


23 September LEGO House Museum reopened its doors after a months-long hiatus due to covid. In the small Danish town of Billund, where the first Lego building brick was invented, construction fans from all over the world gathered.

LEGO House Fans Day was dedicated to reuniting with friends after a forced separation. The very fact that the opportunity to attend such an event physically again arose was perceived by the participants as a real holiday.

The program of the event was quite intense. The participants got acquainted with the new exhibition in the gallery of masterpieces. Interestingly, due to coronovirus restrictions, this time the company was unable to involve third-party builders in the preparation of projects. As a result, the authors of the presented works had to become employees of the company itself with 17 unique projects.

In addition, a presentation of a new robolaboratory took place. All participants of the event were amazed by the giant mosaic wall, completely built from LEGO materials.

Lego Fans Day guests met Matthew Ashton, Vice President of LEGO Design, watched the presentation of the LEGO Ninjago design team, which prepared interesting projects dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the popular series of construction sets. They also learned what’s new in the LEGO Group program.

Those who could not come to the homeland of the first Lego brick had the opportunity to visit the event virtually. Starting from LEGO Fans Day, they have organized a live broadcast available to everyone.


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