LEGO Fan Minecraft Piston Set

About what the most popular video game Minecraft and designers have Lego a lot in common, it has been said more than once. The main similarity lies in the fact that from the cubes of each game option you can build anything your heart desires.

You can embody any most fantastic idea from almost the same material. Therefore, for a long time no one is surprised that often creative searches are intertwined. The developers of both brands often borrow items and game locations from each other, recreating their versions in their own game world, which significantly expands its boundaries.

Moreover, not only official designers, but also simple amateurs work in this direction. In this regard, the author’s creation of a YouTuber under the nickname RJMBricks, who recently shared a real novelty with his subscribers, deserves great attention. He managed to assemble a full-sized piston from the video game Minecraft from the physical building blocks of a Danish manufacturer. Moreover, he set himself the task of not just building a large cube similar to the original from cubes, but making it work.

To do this, he had to come up with a special mechanism that could set the piston in motion. The solution to the problem was to equip the assembled structure with an electric motor and, in addition, install it under the moving part. And to be more precise, the piston head from the bottom of the small wheels that move along two parallel tracks of the stand. Now after switching the lever, the piston starts to work.

The viewers who watched the video with the RJMBricks youtuber’s craft highly appreciated the author’s idea. Moreover, thanks to the video, the number of subscribers to his YouTube channel has tripled: from 34,000 to about 100,000 subscribers. Well, the video itself scored over 2.4 million views. This indicates that the themes “Minecraft” and “Lego” are closely intertwined and do not cease to interest users of different ages.

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