Lego explores color and size preferences

We have already talked about the pilot project launched by the Danish company Lego. The essence of testing was, first of all, in determining the color preferences of design fans. It was also studied how children and adults perceive models of various sizes.

To get answers to the questions posed, they recreated the old constructors, which were popular at one time, in updated versions. So, for example, the set 77942 LEGO FIAT 500 offered collectors a new version of the famous car in light blue instead of bright yellow. Although this is how it was presented at the beginning of 2020 in the constructor of the same name under the article 10271.

Young lovers of ancient dinosaurs got the opportunity to choose an ancient predator figurine, which in the early release LEGO 31058 was green, of two color options – brown (77940) or dark blue (77941).

Similar sets can be found on store shelves in different European countries to this day. This indicates that the Lego company continues the testing it has begun. For example, two experimental kits are currently on sale: 77943 LEGO City Fire Station and 77944 LEGO City Fire Center. They represent modified models, in fact, combining game locations from several previous sets released in 2016-2020.

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