Lego employees will receive a traditional gift


Every year at Christmas, the Danish company presents all its employees with an exclusive set. The peculiarity of such constructors is that they are distributed only among Lego employees and do not appear on store shelves.

In 2019, Legovians received a set based on Star Wars in honor of the 20th anniversary of the themed series, in 2020, the set was dedicated to the 40th anniversary of LEGO education. This Christmas present is also built around the anniversary date, as 2021 marks the 10th anniversary of the popular NINJAGO line. Employees of the enterprise will become the owners of a large constructor “Temple of Celebrations” of 1320 parts.

The packaging of the gift set looks very creative. From the images on both sides of the branded box, it is clear which anniversary the kit is dedicated to and what exactly is being built from the cubes. At the same time, the prefabricated structure is linked with the season: snow lies on the roofs of the four-story building in oriental style, and a Christmas tree with decorations is installed next to the building.

The set is playable, which is indicated by the inclusion of 11 miniature figures in the assembly kit. Among them, of course, are young ninjas with their mentor Wu, their main enemy Garmadon and other important characters from the animated series.

Every year at Christmas, the Danish company presents all its employees with an exclusive set

And one more thing, the set attracted the attention of all construction fans. For the first time, paper bags were used in the employee gift constructor to pack the parts.

Last year, the Danish manufacturer announced that by 2025 the company intends to completely replace plastic bags with recyclable ones. However, until now, paper bags have not appeared in serial Lego products.

The new packaging will differ from plastic counterparts only in the material of manufacture plus a purely practical property: it can stand upright. Otherwise, it will retain the same functions, up to identification by numbers.


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