LEGO deliveries delayed by 3 months

Combining two Lego services that deliver new parts to a single center LEGO Pick a Brickapparently ran into problems. This idea is prompted by the official announcement of delays in the implementation of orders made at the beginning of the year. Worse, the support team recommends that all users checkout again. At the same time, it is reported that the ordered parts and spare parts will be sent to customers. only after 3 months.

What is all this connected with?

The official clarification is as follows: “This change was made so that we can better manage the availability of quality replacements in stock after the launch of new kits.”

Such an “justification” only increased the disappointment and dissatisfaction of construction fans, which they violently express on the site and in social networks. Especially among those who are used to using the building blocks of the two former services to implement their own projects.

Now, for some positions among plastic parts, there is no way at all to monitor the arrival of new products. Prior to the start of the Lego services merger, all resources were available and no such failures were observed.

However, the biggest problem still remains that the fans of construction for as much as 90 days are deprived of the chance of replenishing their stocks. And many complain that they need new elements and spare parts in very soonuntil they lose their creativity. But even if the presentation of all new products on the site resumes soon, it will still be possible to purchase them only after 3 months.

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