“Lego” celebrated its birthday

Danish company Lego celebrated its 90th anniversary. At the same time, the day of August 10, 2022 was declared for all construction fans living in different countries and continents of the globe as World Play Day.

“World Play Day” – what does it mean?

proclaimed lego “World Play Day” has evolved into various celebratory promotions and events around the world. So, in the American West Harlem, the grand opening of a new themed playground, which was designed by artist Hebru Brantley, took place. In European Lego stores – in Brussels, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Barcelona, ​​Berlin and Wroclaw, animators met buyers of designers on this day. Young lovers of the “world of cubes” were offered additional services for children’s face painting.

In the capital of Great Britain, the opening of a new supermarket in London’s Leicester Square was timed to coincide with the 90th anniversary of the Danish company. And now this object has become the largest branded LEGO store in the world. A lot of various festive events took place in Legoland theme parks, almost entirely built from building blocks.

According to the results of the study “Play well”, during which the specialists of the Danish company interviewed 55,000 parents and children in 30 countries, it turned out that prefabricated sets are perceived extremely positively, because they have a beneficial effect on various areas of life. With their help, boys and girls in a playful way acquire important skills, get acquainted with the world around them. However, it turned out that, in general, there are still too few children playing constructors. The organizers of festive actions and events tried to at least to a small extent change this situation and attract new guys to the “world of cubes”.

The Lego Company celebrated its 90th anniversary by declaring it World Play Day

Card game for employees on the anniversary of the company

The festive day was well remembered by the workers of the factories Lego and sellers of company stores, and designers of the company, and managers in offices. Because the manufacturer, in honor of the 90th anniversary, presented its employees with a unique board card game in which participants of two to six people need to try to be the first to pass the distance along the “90 years of the game” timeline.

According to corporate tradition, such toys are produced in limited quantities, as they are designed only for employees. lego. That is, initially they are not intended for free sale. However, some bloggers suggest that copies of the desktop novelty Lego still appear on the secondary market. This is exactly what has happened before with all previous corporate suites.

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