LEGO Braille Bricks New 2023 Set

It’s only been a few months of 2022, and there are already reports on the internet of sets coming out next year. This became possible after an unexpected leak of information on new prefabricated kits on one of the German thematic sites.

True, the information is still rather scarce – for most topics, only the numbers of future designers are provided without names and with a brief verbal description. But specific novelties for 2023 are also indicated. Among them is a collection 40655 LEGO Discover Braille: The French Alphabet.

If this information is confirmed, then the set itself will become a significant event in the history of Lego. The fact is that the Danish manufacturer in 2020 started producing special bricks lego, that accurately display the corresponding letters and numbers with braille spikes. Each set contains 350 pieces and is designed to help blind children learn the alphabet in a playful way.

The company distributes such construction kits on a charitable basis to specialized institutions and educational institutions. They are not available for free sale. So the French alphabet will be the first publicly available set. Likely to break traditionLego”will go intentionally in order to pay tribute and recognition to the inventor of the famous typeface, the Frenchman Louis Braille.

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