LEGO Boost 17101 review: Building and programming set

LEGO Boost 17101 review: Building and programming set


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Description of the LEGO Boost set 17101

Bring your LEGO® models to life and learn how to code with this incredible LEGO BOOST building and programming set that provides amazing play possibilities with LEGO bricks. Choose from 5 models, open the dedicated app and find the appropriate building instructions, then assemble, customize and program your favorite model for tons of fun activities. Build Vernie, your very own talking robot friend, and start having fun! Take him through an obstacle course, practice target shooting with his shooter, teach him to tell jokes, dance and play the rhythm, or turn him into a party host for you and your friends – what he does is up to you! In a special application, you can complete more than 60 tasks aimed at gradual learning, learning programming blocks and developing basic programming skills. Rebuild the model to invent new games and use new programming blocks. Do not forget that each model has special functions, and special tasks have been developed for each of them. Choose from the MTR4 (Multifunctional Rover 4), the Guitar 4000, Frankie the Cat or the Assembly Line, all of which you can control with your smart device. When you complete all the tasks, you can open the Creative Area in a special application to design your own models and program them to perform the most amazing tasks – the possibilities for creativity are endless.

The main pros and cons of LEGO Boost 17101

After studying reviews from various sources and customer reviews, the following main advantages and disadvantages of the LEGO Boost 17101 constructor can be distinguished: Construction and programming set:

  • In the process of “programming”, the child masters the basic concepts of giving a command and building interactive interaction.
  • Interesting to collect
  • It develops imagination and motor skills very well, interesting animation of robots
  • Very clear and user-friendly software
  • Lots of details to make your dreams come true
  • Great kit for child development
  • Teaching your child basic programming skills
  • Application in Russian
  • No batteries included
  • No paper assembly instructions (instruction only in the application)

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Features of the LEGO Boost set 17101

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