Lego Art Center model

In itself, the model of the building of the art center in the “world of cubes” is not some kind of unique novelty. However, the author’s work of professional photographer Marcos Garavelli deserves special attention. Because to some extent it surpasses even analogues from the branded designers of the Danish manufacturer. By the way, 10,000 site visitors have already voted for this idea. LEGO Ideas. Which, however, is not surprising.

The main advantage of the author’s project “Art Center” – in a detailed reflection of the educational institution. It is noteworthy that this “brick” building is completely the fruit of Marcos’ imagination. He designed a contemporary art center that could have appeared in some restored industrial building. 7 miniature figures representing teachers and students help to “revive” the interior space of the model.

The large model is built using modular technology. This allows you to unfold the design and view the device of the educational institution from the inside. Let’s take a little class tour.

A Lego fan created the perfect model of the Arts Center

Having crossed the threshold of the institution, visitors find themselves in a large gallery, which demonstrates masterpieces of modern art. On the walls hang artistic paintings reminiscent of the paintings of the famous Andy Warhol. The sculptural works presented right there, as it were, continue to acquaint guests with the areas of academic disciplines to which the center of arts is oriented.

A Lego fan created the perfect model of the Arts Center

On the second floor, children are engaged in a ballet school. In the classroom, as expected, large mirrors are installed on the walls, which help the ballerinas to work out their movements to perfection. They also have at their disposal the well-known rods along the side wall. Naturally, classes are held to musical accompaniment on the piano.

Judging by the presence of various musical instruments in the classroom, there are also music lessons for all other students of the art center, which is one of the compulsory subjects in such institutions.

A Lego fan created the perfect model of the Arts Center

The third floor is provided for classes for budding artists and photographers. Here are all the tools to express yourself in visual creativity. In the same class, beginner artists are engaged – a boy and a girl. Everything shows that the teacher gave them the task to create a beautiful still life on canvas with the help of a brush and paints.

Note that the author of the prefabricated model gave this class a room not only with large windows, but also with a glass ceiling. This is not accidental, because in reality they also try to allocate such premises for art classes. They provide good lighting and visibility, which is extremely important when artists work on any painting.

A Lego fan created the perfect model of the Arts Center

On the same floor, in the next classroom, there is a professional photography studio.

Everything in it is done in an adult way:

  • it is equipped with a large screen,
  • directional lighting fixtures
  • light reflectors,
  • a white bench to place on it various items that need to be photographed,
  • camera on the stand.

In general, there are all the opportunities to arrange not only a training, but also a completely real photo session.

The author of the Center for the Arts project decided to make even the roof of his three-story educational institution useful. He arranged on it a cozy terrace with a small bar. A pleasant stay with an amazing atmosphere and a view of the city is guaranteed to everyone who is lucky enough to be at the table of this small cafe.

A Lego fan created the perfect model of the Arts Center

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