LEGO Architecture sets will get new packaging


The official information of the Danish company about the release by January 1, 2022 of the new constructor 21057 LEGO Architecture “Singapore” has interested many construction lovers. We already talked about this set in a selection of news for December 1. Why did he get so much attention? First of all, of course, the magnificent architectural structures of a unique city-state from Southeast Asia.

But no less interest was caused by the packaging of the designer. Yes, yes, an ordinary branded box has become the subject of discussion on the Lego fan forums. And here’s the thing – attentive bloggers, looking at the picture from the back, discovered a novelty – pressure valves appeared. With this opening mechanism, the packaging of prefabricated toys from the Danish manufacturer will appear for the first time in the history of Lego.

To make it clear what the difference is, you should simply compare the old version with the updated one. To do this, commentators suggest using the box of the 21056 LEGO Architecture Taj Mahal constructor, which was released last in the thematic series (bottom picture). Judging by the first photo, equipping the box with push valves will not spoil the design of the package. In particular, the illustrations on it are prudently placed strictly between the valves.

Note that the box of this series has already received changes this year: thematic designers began to produce in black packages, characteristic of the line for adults.

21056 LEGO Architecture Taj Mahal


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