LEGO 10303 Rollercoaster Looping Set

new roller coaster from the set LEGO Looping (10303) with two hinges and a vertical lift aroused incredible interest among construction fans. The game set belongs to the “Collection of exhibition areas” and will be available for sale from September 1. But already in July 2022, it will be available for pre-sale orders at a price of 399.99 euros.

Basic information about the LEGO Looping roller coaster

This is the first roller coaster in the LEGO collection with two loops and a vertical lift, which already determines the high functionality and play potential of the structure. Kit LEGO 10303 Looping is presented in the 18+ series , designed for adult fans of the “world of cubes” and roller coasters in particular. Also included in the LEGO Fairground collection, launched in 2020.

With all the advantages of the set, experts rated it as the highest in the history of Lego. The height of the structure was 92 cm, length – 85 cm, width – 34 cm.

By the way, before that the highest sets were:

  • LEGO Star Wars 75313 UCS AT-AT – 69 cm;
  • LEGO 71741 Ninjago City Gardens – 73 cm.

The LEGO 10303 Looping Rollercoaster is packaged in a stylish branded box of a decent size, considering the parameters of the finished structure.

LEGO 10303 Rollercoaster Looping Review

The packaging shows the finished design of the roller coaster. The attraction makes a rather pleasant impression with its grandiose appearance, scale and colorful design. Amusement park-specific minifigures and accessories add to the attraction.

Accessories include:

  • a park bench with a map;
  • balloon cart;
  • pretzel cart;
  • hot dog stand;
  • size meter.

LEGO 10303 Rollercoaster Looping Review

One look at the roller coaster design brings back the thrill that everyone who has ever ridden on it experiences. However, the important point of this set is not even the result itself, but an exciting assembly process that will require a lot of time, effort and patience. Therefore, the constructor is intended for adult users.

LEGO 10303 Rollercoaster Looping Review

Amazing details and elements of the set

In addition to the necessary items for the appropriate entourage of the amusement park, the set includes a train, an entrance station with folding barriers and a control panel. For the full movement of trailers, it is necessary to seat passengers, secure them with seat belts and release the brake to send the train. It is necessary to activate the elevator so that the cars can fly at speed through the loops and turns of the roller coaster. If desired, it is possible to motorize the elevator using a special kit.

The roller coaster itself is operated by a crank that allows the elevator to move up with the carts. The railway has curves and double loops that are difficult to overcome without an additional engine. Therefore, manufacturers have provided for the motorization of the set, although the engines are not included in the package.

LEGO 10303 Rollercoaster Looping Review

Battery box is used for motorization LEGO Technic 88015 Battery powered and big motor 88013 Powerd Up. The kit includes detailed installation instructions. Although experts will be able to give movement to the new roller coaster in any other way possible with the help of other LEGO engines.

LEGO 10303 Rollercoaster Looping minifigures and new details

The makers of this set are sure that LEGO fans will be delighted with the stunning design, use of intricate details and exquisite engineering. Needless to say about the high quality of materials from which all parts for designers are made. Lego building elements are unified and compatible – they easily connect and disconnect from each other without much effort. This ensures complete bonding of structural elements.

Despite the quality tested over the years, the company regularly comes up with something new. In the LEGO 10303 Looping roller coaster set, rails are such a novelty. These elements are presented in a new navy blue color concept with bright orange highlights. In addition to the usual degrees and turns, additional new rails are used to create loops.

LEGO 10303 Rollercoaster Looping Review

As for the minifigures, there are 11 of them in the set!

Minifigures included:

  • operator,
  • balloon seller,
  • pretzel seller,
  • hot dog vendor,
  • grandmother,
  • little boy
  • 5 passengers.

It should be noted that some minifigures will be able to show their feelings by simply turning their heads.

LEGO 10303 Rollercoaster Looping Review

Thanks to such a variety and careful selection of characters, the design becomes even more spectacular and interesting.


The most important moment in the new roller coaster from the set LEGO 10303 defines the presence of two loops that run right next to each other. For the most comfortable ride for passengers in this constructor, the large Looping extra has the shape of a drop, which is also used on a real roller coaster, and not a circular track.

Sufficient speed for two loops, the roller coaster is obtained through a vertical elevator. In it, carts are lifted up, rather than up a steep rail, by a chain hoist. When the elevator is tilted, the cars arriving at the top will roll straight ahead, after which the first fall occurs at an angle of 90 °, leading to the first cycle.

In this set, loops and an elevator are the main highlight of the new roller coaster. On the next trip, they return directly to the start of the cycle. No wonder this set has become one of the most anticipated Lego products.

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