Interearth Elden Ring from bricks from a fan of LEGO

We are no longer surprised that popular video games often become a source of creative inspiration for design developers and ordinary construction fans. As a result, desktop versions of computer games are born. Dozens of new models have now been created Lego based on them, and there are even separate thematic lines, in particular, sets of the Minecraft series.

It is noteworthy that this feature is increasingly attracting the attention of gamers. ‘Cause they’ve been using parts lately Legoto express your love for a particular video game. For example, just such a fan under the nickname “FanArt” built a map of the Interearth from the Japanese computer game “Elden’s Ring” from cubes.

Of course, the author of the “brick” version failed to accurately reproduce the original map with the help of cubes – he managed to reflect everything only schematically. However, video game connoisseurs will easily recognize familiar objects in it, because all the regions that are in a real video game are represented here. Along with this, some of the most noteworthy locations are included.

For Ring of Elden fans, the only thing missing from this design is the giant Erd Tree. But, it is quite possible that in the future the model will be finalized and supplemented, although this will require expanding the scale of the desktop map of the Interearth by at least 2 times. In the meantime, the most important thing is that the creation of a desktop version of the popular video game has begun. Maybe this interesting idea will be picked up by professional designers from a Danish company?

A construction freak created Elden Ring Interearth with Lego pieces

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