Incredible collections from a LEGO fan


By looking at pictures of fan work by Ralph Langer ([email protected]/), once again you are convinced of the huge creative potential that lies in the Lego blocks. Getting to know the magnificently detailed buildings created by his hands will turn into a kind of master class for those who like to come up with their own models. Moreover, he does not make any secrets from the work, willingly gives advice and shares the technique for implementing such assemblies in social networks.

At least the magnificent buildings shown in the top picture speak of the high class of this master. These structures seem to emerge from the mist, turning into colorful architectural objects.

You can even copy this amazing Lego artist’s designs by following the photos posted on the site. It is clear from them how this masterpiece was created. The pictures clearly show the original assembly technique, the color combinations used to showcase the fantastic atmosphere. The structures convey the elements that the author used in his work to give a special shape to buildings – hinges, hoses, arches, and so on. In addition, there are many other, less noticeable, but simply stunning details. All of this and more gives Ralph Langer the ability to create stunningly designed building models.

Incredible collection of buildings created by a LEGO fan


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