In August, the character Spider-Man will celebrate his 60th birthday

In August, Spider-Man is planning a significant anniversary – he turns 60 years old! Everyone who is somehow connected with this character has already come up with interesting ideas for celebrating this event.

The Danish manufacturer of Lego constructors decided to celebrate this round date in a special way – fans of the most popular superhero can become owners of not quite ordinary figures of characters LEGO Spider-Man. As you know, Spider-Man minifigures will be presented in three themed sets, which should appear on the shelves of toy stores in September 2022.

What is so special about these sets? It is reported that the creators of prefabricated toys offer to assemble from cubes not the usual (standard) minifigures, but larger-sized figures. Suffice it to say that the height of the newly appeared characters will be from 23 to 24 centimeters. Characters with such growth in Lego are quite rare. However, at the beginning of this year, the Danish company has already pleased fans of the “world of cubes” with a similar novelty. It’s about the constructor. 76206 LEGO Marvel Iron Man Action Figurein which the 24-centimeter superhero of the Marvel Cinematic Universe was just presented in an updated format.

Apparently, the January novelty found a good response and great demand among consumers, if the manufacturer decided to continue producing large-scale “brick” figures. The benefit and reason for this is very suitable and, to everything, guaranteeing interest in the novelty. However, be that as it may, fans of the superhero hero of the day Spiderman will soon have the opportunity to acquire three collectible figures thanks to sets:

  • 76225 Miles Morales figure (238 parts),
  • 76226 “Spider-Man Figure” (258),
  • 76230 Venom Figure (297).

Each prefabricated kit will be available for the same price: 29.99 euros.

Manufacturers expect these figures to capture the imagination of the child. Because you can take them with you anywhere. They are ideal for exciting games of superheroes, as in this regard they have excellent gaming potential and good functionality. This is ensured not only by the popularity of the characters, their attractive appearance, but also by the excellent mobility of the articulated limbs. Thanks to this minifigures, you can give almost any pose.

Many experts believe that the regular appearance of such large figures will mark the beginning of a separate collection of prefabricated toys. Lego.

The most popular superhero in the world, Spider-Man, celebrates his 60th birthday in August

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