In 2022, the return of the space sub-theme is expected in the “City” series.


The popular and evergreen “City” series is known to be subdivided into many different sub-themes. So, for example, since 2011, once every 4 years, Lego designers offer space-themed sets to fans of the “world of cubes”. In 2022, it looks like this tradition will be somewhat broken.

According to Western bloggers, in the new year on the shelves of shops for design lovers will be waiting for as many as 3 unscheduled sets dedicated to the lunar mission:

  • 60348 LEGO CITY Lunokhod;
  • 60349 LEGO CITY Lunar Space Station;
  • 60350 LEGO CITY Lunar Research Base.

Thus, the replenishment of collections with the latest models of interplanetary flying satellites and stations will occur a year earlier than usual.

In all likelihood, the change in the previous schedule is associated with the last “Martian series”. She came out 2 years ago and found a positive response among buyers. And if there is demand, then you need to offer new products without postponing the matter for later.


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