How to choose walkers, jumpers, selection tips and reviews



Walkers – a trolley with four wheels and a seat that allows a baby who is not yet able to walk to move without the help of parents. On this design, the baby sits down in such a way as to reach the floor with his feet. This will give the baby the opportunity to move around the apartment, starting from the floor and not experiencing serious stress on weak legs. In addition, the design of the walkers prevents the baby from falling out of them.

  • A wheelchair walker is a type of walker designed for older children who already know how to stand on their feet. Wheelchairs do not have a seat. The main task of such devices is to serve as a fulcrum to prevent the child from falling while walking.

  • Transformer walkers (rocking chair) – a kind of walkers that can also be used as a rocking chair. In such walkers, the shockproof bumper turns into a rocking skid, thereby transforming the walker into a rocking chair.

Bending over – a fixed seat with a special elastic suspension (sometimes also a trampoline underfoot), allowing the child to bounce up and down a few centimeters. To prevent the baby from falling out, it is equipped with a special back and breast. They are installed in one place (floor, doorway). Jumpers not only strengthen the legs of the child, but serve as a kind of swing for his entertainment.

Number of wheels

In walkers, the number of wheels can be 4; 6; 7 or 8 pieces. The more wheels, the more stable and maneuverable the walker.


Into the doorway – jumpers are hung on the door jamb by means of fastening. This type of installation requires minimal effort and fits well with most doors. In addition, the jumpers are compact when folded, they are easy to transport and store. On the other hand, jumpers occupy a doorway, which is not always convenient, and it is almost impossible to install them in another place.

Floor (stationary) – jumpers are installed on a flat surface. Such models are very easy to install and universal (placed anywhere). However, they have significant dimensions, which can become a limitation for small apartments, as well as make it difficult to transport and store them.

suspended – jumpers are suspended on a spring or shock-absorbing cord to a special hook, which is fixed in the ceiling. Such jumpers take up a minimum of space and are easy to store. Some models of jumpers can be used on the street (attached to a horizontal bar, a tree branch). On the other hand, they are difficult to install, as it is necessary to drill a hole for the hook.

Minimum age

The age of the baby from which you can use walkers and jumpers. Walkers are designed for children from 6 months, wheelchairs – from 9 months. Jumpers are designed for babies aged 5-6 months.

Maximum weight

The maximum allowable weight of the baby, at which it is possible to operate walkers and jumpers without the risk of injury or breakage. If this parameter is exceeded, the device may break, and at the most unexpected moment. The maximum weight for walkers is 12-15 kg (height 80 cm). Most jumpers are designed for weights up to 11-12 kg.


Game panel – a tabletop located in front of the walker seat, on which mirrors, rattles, figurines of fairy-tale characters, buttons are placed. In addition, the panel can play music, flash lights, make sounds. This device develops motor skills, tactile, auditory and visual perception, and also entertains the child.

Folding design – makes it easy to move the walker from one place to another. In addition, folding walkers are convenient to store, as they take up little space.

Height adjustment – allows you to adjust the height of the walker seat depending on the changing growth of the child. Thus, the baby will not have to bend his legs or stand on his toes – both of which are harmful to the development of his musculoskeletal system.

Important: Pay attention to the number of fixed seat heights. The more such levels, the more accurately you can choose the height for the height of the child.

swivel wheels – Rotate 360 ​​degrees. They significantly increase the maneuverability and controllability of walkers.

Removable seat cover – This cover is easy to wash and clean if necessary.

Sound/light effects – develop the sound and visual perception of the baby, as well as entertain him. Such effects have a multifunctional game panel.

Wheels with lock – stoppers (stops) raise the body of the structure so that the wheels do not touch the floor surface. This makes the walker immobile, preventing possible injury.

Limiters (stoppers) – special ledges under the body of the walker, which reduce the distance between the floor and the body. Such devices do not allow the baby to call on tall objects or stairs in order to avoid injury.

parent pen – a long handle located behind the back of the walker chair, through which you can direct the movement of the baby and hold him. If the walker has a footrest, then parents can carry the child using this handle.

Removable table – allows you to remove the walker play panel to use it when the baby grows up and stops using the walker.

Rocker function – serves to entertain the baby, and also develops his vestibular apparatus. Found in rocking walkers.

swivel chair – allows you to rotate the chair in the walker around its axis. In such a chair, it will be convenient for the baby to look around and move in the right direction. Swivel chair walkers are quite often equipped with a play bar arranged in a circle.

Toy hanger – a bracket or arc on which toys are hung. It is an addition to the game panel or replaces it. Usually made removable, since toys can block the view.

Music player – the ability to connect an mp3 player for the entertainment of the baby.


  • Before purchasing walkers and jumpers, consult your pediatrician.
  • The base of the walker should be stable and wide – this will prevent it from tipping over if the child leans or leans over the edge.
  • Pay attention to the seat – it should be deep enough and wide with a high rigid back that supports the baby in an upright position. This will prevent the child from falling out of the walker.
  • The seat should also be deep in jumpers. A good option is a seat made in the form of “underpants” with a rigid back that fixes the baby to the armpits.
  • It is good if the base has a rubberized bumper that will protect the baby from impacts when colliding with various objects. The seat can also be equipped with a soft inner bumper.


Walkers of unknown brands are not worth buying, as their use can harm the health of the child. With a limited budget, you can look at the products of Chinese and local brands Selby, Bambi, Baby Care, Happy Baby, Capella / Jetem, Firefly, Weina, Keenway. They meet all safety requirements and perform their functions. In addition, the period of use of walkers is not so long.

The best models will be walkers and jumpers from Bertoni, Peg-Perego, Chicco, Brevi, Barty, Bright Starts, Chicco, Fisher-Price, Geoby, Jane, Geoby, Mioo, Pilsan and ABC Design. In addition to high reliability and quality materials, these products are often characterized by wide functionality and bright, remarkable design. For children, this is important – the baby should like the walker so that he can use it with pleasure. These models will cost significantly more.


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