In fact, radio and video baby monitors will help to hear and see the baby from any corner of the house or apartment.

How to choose the right baby monitor

Does this really happen and which baby monitor does its job better – read more in the article.

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How baby monitor works

There are two types of devices.

1. Analog
Able to transmit a signal at a certain adjustable frequency. Models switchable from 2 to 4 channels. According to the principle of operation, they are similar to walkie-talkies. There are noises that make it difficult to hear sounds from the children’s room. It is also possible to pick up the frequency of someone else’s device and eavesdrop on neighbors.
2. Digital
Models do not have disadvantages in the form of noise and wiretapping, as in analog devices. The signal is encrypted and prevents other people from hearing your child.

  How baby monitor works

An electronic device works on the principle of a walkie-talkie. Image and voice are transmitted via radio waves. The device consists of 2 parts:

  • baby transmitter is installed near the crib or playpen;
  • the parent unit is located with adults who look after the children.

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Baby monitor with video

Electronic nannies with a built-in camera are a second pair of eyes for parents. A baby transmitter with a video eye is located near the baby, and a monitor and speakers are located on the parent’s receiver. In this way, several cameras can be mounted if there are two or more children in the family.

The functionality of a baby monitor with video is not limited to observation, even at night.

  Baby monitor with video

The device is universal.

  1. Can be connected to different operating systems: Android, Windows, iOS.
  2. Transfer data to a flash drive.
  3. Connect to TV and computer.
  4. You can remotely control the rotary mechanism of the device.
  5. The monitor turns on automatically when the child wakes up.
  6. You can zoom in on the picture using the zoom function.

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Baby monitor with Dect technology

Dect technology allows you to feel closer to the child – when parents cannot be around. Adults can watch the baby on video.

The difference between devices with Dect technology and analog models is that digital signal transmission occurs using coding. This means that radio interference is excluded and parents will be able to hear the slightest sound from the children’s room.

Baby monitor with Dect technology

Baby monitors with Dect technology produce the purest sound. Do not hiss and do not distort the sound even if there is frequency interference. Such devices cannot be eavesdropped on.

How to choose a baby monitor: what to look for – table

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The influence of electric waves of the mechanism on the health of the baby

The devices use the transmission of signals using electromagnetic radiation. A short exposure to such waves does not harm human health. However, with prolonged use, the electromagnetic field can adversely affect the well-being of the baby.

  How to choose a baby monitor

To prevent unwanted effects, it is worth considering two points:

  • the higher the frequency of the device, the safer;
  • it is worth putting the device away from the baby’s crib – from 1 meter.

Radio devices are good if there is no need to monitor the baby. They give a stable signal with good audibility. Even in the most remote corner of the apartment, the device will clearly convey the sniffing of manyuni.

The video baby monitor has advanced functionality, which significantly affects the cost of the device. It will be possible not only to hear and see, but also to take pictures and record videos for memory.

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