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Preparing for school is the solution of burning issues, including the main one: how to choose the right school supplies. Here it is important not to make a mistake with the quality of goods, to choose practical, convenient equipment and at the same time inexpensive for study.

school supplies

The range of stationery pleases the eye with variety. The variety of designs will turn anyone’s head when choosing school supplies, so often parents are at a loss not knowing what to choose. But focusing on simple rules, finding what you need will not be difficult at all.

Backpacks and bags – how to choose what to ignore

Let’s start with the choice of the main uniform of a young fighter – backpacks and bags for school. Do not miss an important point – the backpack serves not only as a place to store personal belongings. It affects the posture of the child – both for better and for worse – no joke, he wears a load 175 days a year.

The first feature that is taken into account is the rigid orthopedic back of the backpack. It adequately distributes the mass of luggage, freeing the fragile spine of the child from point pressure. According to the conclusions of orthopedists, such a back will protect the spine from curvature and facilitate the burden.

Convenient C-shaped straps with length regulators and latches: the student is given the opportunity to choose the length for himself. The presence of a strong loop handle at the top of the backpack is appreciated for hanging it near the table and carrying it over short distances. Size is also important.

  • The width of the backpack should be within the back of the student.
  • The extreme point of height is limited by the lower bar of the child’s lower back.

Important! Never fill a student’s luggage to more than 15% of their weight! Control the weight of the filled backpack.

Large pockets and compartments in the satchel are important – this will help the student quickly find the right item. A good example of this is the Monster High-2 Backpack.

Reinforced bottom, dense frame and waterproof fabric will protect the bag from damage during active school life.

Wear resistance is affected by high-quality firmware and accessories of the backpack, so take a closer look even at such trifles.

school backpacks and bags for children

Guided by these criteria when choosing a school bag, you can easily find the right model that will serve you for several busy school years.


The range of modern pencil cases is so large that it is difficult for an adult to decide on their choice – not like a child! The main thing when choosing this school supplies remains the same feature – quality. What to look for when buying? Firstly, the durable material of manufacture and the insertion of the pencil case, the optimal size and tight body. Some pencil cases for elementary school students are sold immediately with filling, which is very beneficial and will save money for parents.

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In addition, pay attention to the manufacturer of the pencil case. According to customer reviews, Herlitz pencil cases hold the bar of good quality – they have antibacterial impregnation and moisture protection.

Tip: The zipper on the pencil case is very convenient. By opening it, the owner will see all the contents at once, which will make it easier to find the desired item.

Textile pencil cases with a plastic base allow the owner to wash them and retain their original appearance, without deformation, which cannot be said about pencil cases with a cardboard lining.

pencil cases for schoolchildren

Given these rules, a variety of designs and colors of pencil cases will only please you when buying and give positive emotions to the student when using it for many years.


The choice of this little thing is extremely important. It is generally accepted that a pen is a universal tool, so we use approximately the same models, and in vain, because each pen can be selected for special individual needs.

All pens are divided into 3 types:
1. ball;
2. capillary;
3. feather.

Attention! Not all models are suitable for a first grader. To learn how to write beautifully, you will need an ordinary ballpoint pen, but always with a silicone nozzle in the girth area – so the child’s fingers will not slip and it will be easier to write letters. The pen should fit comfortably in the student’s palm and be of calm tones so as not to distract attention from study to drawings and decorations on the body.

Colored gel pens can be in the arsenal of a student, but mostly in middle and high school: they are convenient to underline and highlight text fragments during the educational process. When choosing pens for older children, it is worth considering that a high-quality pen can be very weighty. But you should not go too far with the solidity of the writing medium – this affects the fatigue of the hand when writing.

Tip: Choose a medium or close to thin thin rod width. For a student, such a pen will be the most convenient.

choosing a pen for school


In this area, designs, shapes and patterns have been rampant. There is a wide range of different images for girls and boys, children and teenagers. When choosing a suitable version of a diary for an elementary school student, it is worth focusing on the taste of the child himself, it is preferable to choose diaries depicting kind characters or just pretty pictures.

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Divided by covers, there are several types of diaries:

  • with soft cover on the bracket, represented by a cardboard coated cover – this is the easiest version of the diary;
  • in an integral cover, more durable and reliable due to the lamination of the cardboard;
  • in a hard cover that last a long time due to a strong design;
  • hard ones with foam rubber are pleasant to the touch due to the softness of the foam cover and have a bright design.

select school diaries

You need to choose the main school document depending on the temperament of the child. Knowing that a paperback diary will quickly wrinkle in a schoolbag, choose a hardcover diary that will last longer. Usually the first pages start with a standard design, sometimes the diaries are classified for elementary and high school – in such cases, the design differs slightly. Still, before buying, it is worth double-checking the contents of the diary pages and correlating this with the requirements of your school, if any.

As for the original covers, there are even diaries with space for a photo of a student. Pay attention to the quality of the paper, and feel free to choose a diary model to your taste.


Is there anything more primitive than a school notebook? But there are a few rules here too.

  • The cover should be dense and preferably with rounded corners – such a notebook will last longer.
  • Sheets should be with margins, and the paper should be white enough, smooth and thick, otherwise what is written on one page will be displayed on the next. Lines and cells should not be very bright, so as not to ripple in the eyes, but they should not be hardly readable either.
  • The line on the sheets of the notebook should match, there are no inclusions.

If the notebook meets these criteria, then it is suitable, buy it.

In order for the student to like the notebook outwardly, take the child with you when choosing. Everyone has their own taste preferences, although notebooks for first graders should still be more fun. Discreet drawings are allowed.

Pay attention to the information on the back of the notebook – it will come in handy! So, for example, on notebooks in a cage there is an excellent cheat sheet – they often have a multiplication table there. The “Secret” of lined notebooks is the alphabet, located in the same place, on the back cover of the notebook.

In notebooks for first graders, often at the beginning or at the back there are tips on how to write correctly, hold a pen, at what angle to lean over the notebook. Depending on the requirements for each subject at school, you can choose notebooks for 12, 18, 24, 36, 48, 72 sheets, whatever you need.

notebooks for school

felt-tip pens

This item will brighten up the stay at school for any student. The best markers are those with long, large and ventilated caps. It is important that the package bears a note that the cap ventilation system complies with accepted manufacturing standards. In accordance with this, even if the cap is in the child’s airway, he will not suffocate until he is assisted. Well, quite simply, the felt-tip pens will not deteriorate.

choice of felt-tip pens for schoolchildren

The ink in felt-tip pens must be safe. Do not be too lazy to open them before buying and smell them. Ignore aggressively scented products, go for water-based products (not alcohol-based ones).

It is worth paying attention to the manufacturers of felt-tip pens – often little-known companies do not really care about product quality. Centropen pens with a triangular confluence, especially suitable for the hand of a child, are renowned for their longevity and workmanship.

Sometimes children like to tap with felt-tip pens on the table, and after such blows the rod often gets stuck in the case. Therefore, on the packages of high-quality felt-tip pens, an icon in the form of a skirt is depicted, which means that the rod is protected from clogging.

Sketchbooks for drawing

The choice of an album for drawing should be approached primarily with an eye on the quality of the paper in it. There are many types of paper for drawing, and choosing between them is not easy. If we are talking about supplies for a regular school, then you can simply purchase a sketchbook with watercolor paper. It is suitable for drawing at labor lessons, on such paper they draw with pencils.

choosing an album for drawing a student

All sketchbooks have a thicker paper texture, but if you know that the album is only for drawing with pencils and felt-tip pens, choose a thinner version of the paper. Albums differ in the number of sheets in them, there are as many as anyone needs. It is recommended to choose medium options for the number of sheets so as not to weigh down the child’s satchel.

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Covers for notebooks and books

The choice of covers for notebooks and textbooks is considered a trifling matter, but this is not entirely true. With notebooks, everything is more or less simple: usually their size is standard, and you can easily pick up classic covers to protect the student’s notebook from mechanical damage. The covers differ in thickness, and if desired, it is possible to purchase thinner ones: in them, the pattern of the notebook looks more expressive, and the overall look is more elegant. For a fun look for school supplies, you can choose colored notebook covers if your school allows, or at least with a color scheme around the edges.

colored covers for notebooks

The situation with books is not easy: school textbooks often do not match the covers in size or thickness. In such cases, you have to cut them off and peck in a new way. To avoid this, carefully look at the parameters of textbooks and those indicated on the packaging of book covers. Covers for textbooks are also available in different colors and densities, but for convenience, it is recommended to take standard transparent ones so that the child can see the cover of the book and navigate more easily.

Lunch boxes

Food containers (or lunch boxes) have gained unheard of popularity in recent years. They are convenient, and now you can safely send your child to school with homemade food, and not count on an unreliable school lunch. Due to the wild popularity, many containers of not the best quality began to be produced, although they are attractive in price, which can harm the health of the child.

To prevent this, pay attention to the lunchbox material.

For reusable use, plastic containers are suitable, with a triangle icon with arrows and the inscription PP, indicating the classification of plastic, and is safe.

Quality manufacturers produce lunchboxes from high-quality plastic that is not harmful to health, but it will not hurt to double-check this once again.

When it comes to designs and shapes of lunchboxes, there is a complete variety here. Depending on how many compartments you would like to have, you can easily choose something suitable in online stores. In order not to miscalculate with the pattern, connect the child to the choice, he may want to have a lunchbox with an accessory in the form of a sock strap.

lunch boxes for schoolchildren

Beautiful and practical school supplies stimulate the child to study. It is also reasonable for parents to buy exactly high-quality goods that will last more than one year. You can choose and buy high-quality school supplies in Kyiv and other cities. Here you will find something to please the student, and give him the opportunity to study with pleasure!

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