How to choose beach inflatable toys, pools, jumpers, selection tips and reviews


Beach inflatable toys, pools, jumpers provide children with a fun and rewarding pastime. Usually made of PVC (vinyl). Games with inflatable toys have a comprehensive effect on the child’s body: in particular, they develop the respiratory and musculoskeletal systems, coordination of movements, and strengthen muscles.

Unlike “hard” counterparts, inflatable models are safe for children, and when deflated they take up a minimum of space. The main disadvantage is the susceptibility to punctures. Therefore, do not leave the baby alone without supervision (especially on the water).


game center – a multifunctional inflatable product that combines the features of a toy and a developing complex. The Game Center is the perfect space for games and entertainment. Develops the child’s imagination and fine motor skills, introduces object forms and colors.

A play center often includes a trampoline, slide, water cannon, pool, soccer goal, balls, and other elements.

Trampoline – Designed for high jump. It has a positive effect on the muscles, respiratory and nervous system, increases endurance.

Dry pool – allows the baby to swim in the country or even indoors. With the help of such a toy, the child gets used to water and at the same time is protected from infections and injuries.

water mattress – used on water and on land (as bedding). It is often equipped with a safety rope – it plays the role of a tow rope, with which the parent can ride the baby across the water surface. The mattress is prone to overturning and is suitable only for children who can swim.

  • Boat / raft – a type of water mattress designed for several children. A distinctive feature is a flat and wide bottom. In addition to holders and sides, the boat / raft is equipped with oars and a steering wheel. This toy helps the baby feel like a sailor.

Neck circle – keeps the child’s head above the water and does not allow him to choke. It is used at sea and for home bathing in the bathroom.

Belt circle – one of the most popular inflatable products. It is useful for children who can swim, but are not yet able to stay on the water for a long time.

  • Water walkers – a type of waist circle, equipped with a bottom with holes for the legs. A child in such a walker makes foot movements without fear of falling out of the circle.

Armbands, life vest – keep the child on the water and allow you to perform swimming movements. Great for teaching kids to swim. A vest is also necessary for insurance if the baby rides a boat, pedalo, canoe.

Gunman – develops the muscles of the back and legs, contributes to the formation of correct posture and strengthening of the spine.

Ball – suitable for many active games in water and on land. Playing with a ball develops fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, dexterity, etc.

inflatable toy – develops imagination and can be used as a swimming tool.

Sometimes there are inflatable slides equipped with a trampoline. Such models go well with the pool, because the baby can slide down the hill into the water.


Minimum age – the age of the child, at which the use of an inflatable toy is allowed. It is determined by the type of inflatable toy. For walkers, the minimum age is 6 months, for a jumper, 1 year, for a trampoline, armlets and a life jacket, 3 years.

Often, manufacturers also indicate the maximum age. For example, many sleeves and life jackets are designed for babies 3-6 years old.

Some varieties of toys are designed for different age groups. So, some balls are suitable for children under 1 year old, others are addressed to babies from 1 year to 2-3 years old, and others are designed for children from 3 to 6 years old. A separate category is balls for schoolchildren (from 6-7 years old).

The size of the products is also associated with the minimum age. The general rule is this: the older the child, the larger the size of the inflatable toy. The diameter of the inflatable circle for babies under the age of 3 years should be 50 cm, for children 3-6 years old – 50-60 cm. But bathers over 6 years old will need a model with a diameter of more than 60 cm.

When choosing a pool, the key parameters are – side height and diameter. For toddlers up to 2 years old, a product with a height of 20 cm and a diameter of 100 cm is suitable. Babies over 3 years old should choose a model in which these characteristics are 50 cm and 120 cm.

Maximum load – the maximum allowable load that the inflatable product can withstand without the risk of damage. The older the child, the higher the maximum load should be. Do not exceed this parameter, as the destruction of an inflatable toy may harm children’s health.

Design – affects the attractiveness of the toy for the child. A product in the form of a favorite fairy-tale hero or with his image will bring more joy to the baby. Mattresses, pools, waist circles, jumpers and inflatable toys are presented in a variety of forms. Other products boast bright colors and beautiful patterns.

Sometimes the design improves the performance of the model. So, the belt circle is often made in the form of an animal, bird or fish with a “head” for which the child clings and “paws” for stability. This option is good for the smallest children. A jumper in the form of an animal compares favorably with a round counterpart by the presence of handles that increase the safety of the child.


Hand pump – designed to fill small products with air (jumpers, etc.).

Air blower – used to inflate large structures (trampolines, play centers, etc.).

repair kit – used to eliminate minor damage to the inflatable product during operation.


  • Choose inflatable products that are made of high quality, durable and non-toxic material. The paint should not crumble and be imprinted on the skin. If the toy emits an unpleasant odor, refuse the purchase. Ask the seller for a quality certificate for the products.
  • Carefully inspect the product and make sure that there are no damages or cuts on it. Pay attention to the reliability of the valve – in no case should it bleed air. Evaluate the strength and smoothness of the seams, otherwise the product will scratch the delicate skin of the baby.
  • A vest, armlets, a circle must be tried on for a child. Their size is selected taking into account the age, weight and build of the baby. You can not buy these products “for growth”, because the child will simply slip out of a very large vest or circle. Too narrow products cause discomfort and hinder the movement of the child.
  • The mattress, trampoline, inflatable pool, boat, raft and play center have a different requirement – stability. Assess the buoyancy of the mattress, boat, raft. Well, if the pool is equipped with an awning to protect the child from sunstroke.
  • The neck circle should have a chin rest.


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