How to choose an interactive toy, selection tips and reviews


interactive toy – a toy that interacts with the child. Unlike the usual ones, it reacts to the actions of the baby, exchanges information with him and thus helps him to get to know the world around him better.

With the help of an interactive toy, a child can learn the alphabet and numbers, form good habits, learn kindness and empathy. Interactive “friends” will help the baby develop fine motor skills, memory, tactile perception. And with such toys, the baby will never be bored.


Robot/Alien – able to move and even fly, stop in front of obstacles or bypass them, transform, speak. At the same time, the actions of the toy are accompanied by light and sound effects.

Animal – a kind of soft toy that makes characteristic sounds, for example, meows or barks. Some toys can move, blink when touched, which allows the baby to conduct a kind of dialogue with them. As a result, the child learns to interact with animals.

Educational game – teaches the child the alphabet, notes, geography, the multiplication table, the use of the clock. It is found in the form of telephones, various animals, cars. A variety of such games are educational posters.

Children’s computer It looks like a real laptop. Developmental and educational programs, for example, mathematical or grammar, are installed in such a computer. While playing, the baby will get the idea and skills of working with a computer, as well as develop different types of thinking.

Game panel – a toy made in the form of a telephone, a snail, a microphone or some other object (character) equipped with buttons, touch sensors. The response of the game panel to the actions of the child is often accompanied by light and sound effects.

sound book – looks like a regular children’s book, but when turning pages from the built-in speakers, the text is voiced. This book is more interesting to the child than the usual. It will help you prepare for school and broaden your horizons. Some books may even have an “exam” – the child answers questions to reinforce the material covered.

Handle – a necessary accessory for working with audio books. It is equipped with a player and a voice recorder, which allow you to start the training program. Then it is enough for the child to touch the corresponding texts and pictures with the end of the pen.

Telephone It looks like a mobile phone. The device is equipped with buttons, when pressed, it makes sounds and lights up. This toy will introduce your baby to technology.

Minimum age

The age of the child recommended by the manufacturer for use of a particular interactive toy. This parameter takes into account both the level of development of the child and the range of his interests.

Interactive toys can be bought for children from 6 months.

baby up 3 years animals (cats, bears), game panels are well suited.

child from 3 leYou can buy educational games and posters, children’s computers, audio books.

Children from 6 years interested in robots, telescopes and microscopes, with which they can make observations like real scientists.


light effects – are created by multi-colored bulbs (flashing, continuous light). They “revive” the toy, make it brighter and more interesting. Such a toy is especially effective in the dark.

Touch sensors – react to the touch of the child to the toy. As a result, the cat begins to purr, and the game panel glows and sounds.

Movement – one of the features of an interactive toy. The robot can fly and walk, the animal can jump or roll over in response to the actions of the child.

Control paneli – allows you to control the toy from a distance.


Many interactive toys are capable of reproducing sounds, phrases, melodies and songs. This feature makes the toy even more interesting for the baby, and the process of playing more exciting. For example, an animal can not only make characteristic sounds, but also sing a lullaby to a child at night, and sound books will voice their own content.

With the help of the playback function, the child and the toy are able to communicate “in the same language”, which is not only good for entertainment, but also for learning. The ability to record and repeat sounds is found in pens equipped with voice recorders and players.

Ability Development

The impact of an interactive toy on the development of a child’s abilities is multifaceted. As a rule, the same toy has a positive effect on different abilities.

  • visual perception is developed by all toys;
  • logic, thinking and memory – educational games (posters), children’s computers;
  • tactile perception – animals;
  • fantasy and creativity – game panels, children’s computers;
  • hand motility (motor coordination) – animals, learning games and panels.

Educational posters, game panels, children’s computers are suitable for teaching the alphabet, languages ​​(including foreign ones), numbers and counting.


Most often, an interactive toy is made of plastic, which can be given any shape and color. Soft toys (animals) use a combination of plastic and fabric. Metal is usually found in combination with plastic (some parts of microscopes and robots). Sound books and educational posters are made from paper.


  • Interactive toys must be made of high-quality non-toxic materials, which is confirmed by the relevant certificates.
  • Be sure to make sure it is in good condition and properly equipped. Otherwise, the baby will be disappointed with a non-working toy.
  • Pay attention to the brightness of the colors of the toy and the volume of the soundtrack. Too bright and loud devices can irritate the baby.
  • Such an unusual and expensive toy simply needs to be purchased with the child.


When choosing an interactive toy, you should not save on its cost. Due to the characteristics of such toys (namely, the presence of electronic circuits and other functions), they can quickly fail with heavy use. Even with a limited budget, it is worth taking a closer look at the Bambi, Kiddieland, Simba or Na-Na models. They are quite well made and will be of interest to children.

An excellent choice of quality toys will be the brands Chicco, Fisher-Price, Hasbro, Keenway, Playgro, Smoby, Spin Master, Tiny Love. They are quite expensive, but they are distinguished by excellent design, beautiful shape and interesting purpose (for example, children’s tablets). For older children, Bresser toys are suitable: these are expensive microscopes, almost completely identical to real ones.


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