How to choose a toy weapon, selection tips and reviews


toy weapon – children’s analogue of the present. With the help of such a toy, the child develops dexterity, accuracy, dexterity, coordination of movements, reaction speed and quick wits. During the game, the level of physical fitness of the baby increases. In addition, toy weapons develop imagination, as they allow the child to feel like a cowboy or a knight.

A toy weapon can be an exact copy of a real one (pistol, machine gun), a “fantastic” model (blaster, “laser” sword) or have an abstract form that only resembles a gun or machine gun.


“Gunshot” – pistols (revolvers), rifles, shotguns, machine guns, machine guns, “shooting” both with plastic bullets or disks, and making sounds that imitate firing from a real weapon. “Firearm” weapons are the most common. It can be mechanical (spring) or battery operated (accumulator).

“Cold” – knives, daggers, swords, sabers, axes, halberds, swords and other “piercing”, “cutting” and “chopping” weapons. Sets are often equipped with helmets and shields, which makes the game not only more interesting, but also safer. “Cold” weapons are the best option for children who want to feel like knights, pirates or ninjas, as well as for role-playing games.

“Throwing” – bows and crossbows that shoot arrows on suction cups or magnets. Such weapons develop dexterity and train the muscles of the child’s hands.

“Pump” – blasters or cannons that simulate shooting. Bullets do not fly out of such weapons, but balls or soft darts with suction cups. Compared to “firearms” or “throwing” weapons, such weapons are safer.

Water – water pistols, machine guns, machine guns, blasters, “shooting” with a water jet. Perhaps the safest and most fun weapon to play outdoors, in a pool or near a body of water. The best entertainment for a family holiday or a company of children is hard to come up with. However, it is only suitable for games in the warm season.


The age of the child recommended by the manufacturer for the use of a particular type of toy weapon. This parameter is of particular importance, as it directly affects the choice of a safe toy. In addition, each toy has its own level of difficulty.

For babies from 3 years the best option would be weapons with light and sound effects, as well as rubber or wooden “cold” weapons.

children 5 years you can offer a weapon that “shoots” caps.

To the guys from 6-7 years old you can pick up a more realistic weapon that shoots bullets.

Adolescents from 14 years the most realistic weapon equipped, for example, with a sniper scope, will do.

Water weapons will be a great option for children of any age.

Important: realistic and “powerful” weapons, if used illiterately, can harm a child’s health. Therefore, before the game, he should explain the rules for handling such a toy.

A weapon that shoots bullets must not be directed at people or animals, and even more so “shoot” in the face. This child should learn very well. The kid must understand that he is not a “bandit”, but a “defender”. It is desirable that the first time the child’s play was under the control of an adult.


Plastic – occurs most often. Lightweight, strong enough, non-toxic material that can be given any shape and color. The only drawback of plastic weapons is their relatively short service life.

Tree – lightweight, durable and environmentally friendly material. However, it should be remembered that the limited capabilities of wood make it possible to make mainly “cold” weapons from it.

Metal – the most durable, but heavy and expensive material. The most realistic weapons are made from it.

Rubber – less common than plastic or wood. It is used as a safe alternative to these materials in the manufacture of “cold” weapons.


To increase the realism in toy weapons, the following effects may occur:

  • sound – single volleys or automatic bursts simulating shots;
  • light – flickering or flashes accompanying the shot;
  • pistol shooting – reproduces a realistic sound, flash and even smoke when fired without affecting the target;
  • bullet shooting – has a certain effect on the target (damages, pushes, hits).

Important: When purchasing a weapon, pay attention to the effects. Too loud a sound or a bright flash can frighten the baby.

It should be noted that models in which a lot of sound and light effects interfere with the development of the child’s imagination. A simpler weapon would allow him to simulate different situations.


  • The toy must be made of non-toxic materials, which can be verified by reviewing the quality certificate. Do not purchase weapons that have a strong odor.
  • Check the condition of the toy, pay attention to its moving parts – they must be securely fastened and function correctly.
  • It is better to buy toys in specialized stores and give preference to products of well-known brands.
  • For role-playing games, thematic sets are ideal: ninja, police, cowboy.


The cost of such toys depends on the age group and the complexity of execution: for example, a toy blaster will always cost more than a plastic sword. A good choice would be the products of the brands Bambi, Bino, Buzz BeeToy, Na-Na, Playmates Toys, Simba, Spin Master, TopSky, TechnoK. It occupies almost one price segment.

The leader among manufacturers is the Hasbro brand: this weapon is the most expensive, but also the most interesting for the younger generation. Thanks to the well-thought-out functionality, interesting appearance, the toys will be very popular with both boys and girls, but older than 4-5 years. There is simply no point in buying such toys for children under this age – they will be incomprehensible to them for the time being.


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