How to choose a themed toy or set, selection tips and reviews


Thematic toys – a set of toys united by a common theme (for example, “first aid kit”, “soldiers”, “puppet theater”). These toys are aimed at the child’s knowledge of a particular area of ​​life – profession, home life, history.

The thematic set allows you to simulate a certain life situation as accurately as possible and form an idea of ​​the world around you. Such games can be designed for the participation of several children – this develops communication skills.


For boysc – sets dedicated to traditional “male” professions – firefighters, military, racers, machinists. They also include “spy” toys, “shaving” kits, sports games (football, hockey), etc.

For girls – sets dedicated to “women’s” activities – medicine, cooking, trade, housekeeping. They also include sets with animals, playhouses, cosmetic tables and much more.

Universal – Sets suitable for both boys and girls. These include some “professional” sets (for example, a magician), scientific and sports games, and more.


The world of themed toys is diverse. They cover almost all spheres of human life and society. Most often there are sets with the following topics.

Professions – introduce the child to a certain profession. The kid can try himself as a doctor, carpenter, salesman, cook, soldier, magician and even a spy. Perhaps it is during the game that the child will find a profession with which he would like to connect his life.

Scientific – give the child the opportunity to conduct their own scientific research. He can do archaeological excavations, conduct chemical experiments, or study the properties of current or magnetism. While playing, the child discovers the laws of nature.

Sports – contribute to the physical development of children. The kid can play golf, badminton, towns, baseball. Board games, such as hockey, football, can also be classified as sports toys.

Tracks – complicate the game with cars and make it more realistic. Parking lots, overpasses, garages, racing tracks will allow kids to feel like real motorists.

Kitchen – introduces the child to cooking, and gives the opportunity to feel like a chef. These sets include play kitchens, dishes, food – everything you need for cooking.

houses – designed to play with dolls, knights, animals, soldiers. They create a play space for these characters, thereby enriching the game and making it more fun.

Military – allow children to be commanders. Various sets of soldiers, pirates, knights will immerse the child in the world of exciting adventures and battles.

spies – turn a child into a James Bond. These kits include voice-changing devices, audio-recording pens, video-recording glasses, listening devices, and more.

Minimum age

This parameter determines how well this or that thematic set suits the child. For example, three-year-olds are unlikely to be interested in science kits. Babies usually buy simple professional and sports sets. With age, the child will be able to make meaningful choices. Older children prefer complex themed toys (including science kits).

Number of items

The number of items in the set is determined by its thematic focus. For example, a small number of items is typical for some sports sets – for example, a “baseball”, consisting of a bat and a ball. A large number of toys are found in thematic sets dedicated to the kitchen, where there are a lot of “food”, kitchen utensils.


When choosing a set, you should pay attention to its complete set. For example, “tracks” and “garages” are equipped with cars, “workshops” with tools, kitchens with “dishes” and “products”. The more items, the wider the possibilities of the players, but the price of such a set also increases.


Thematic toys are most often made of plastic, which can be given any shape and color, while its price is low. Wood is widely used – an environmentally friendly and durable material, but its capabilities are limited, and the price is higher. Metal is less common as it is a cold and heavy material. Paper (cardboard), plaster, fabric, ceramics, rubber are also used.


  • Thematic toys must be made of high-quality non-toxic materials, which is confirmed by the relevant certificates. It is better to buy toys in specialized stores and give preference to sets of well-known brands.
  • If possible, check the quality of the toys by touch. Refuse to purchase sets in which items have burrs, damage, or a sharp unpleasant odor.
  • It is advisable to buy themed toys in the presence of a child, as only he will be able to choose a set to his liking.


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