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A stroller cane is a great option for traveling, traveling on public transport and walking in the warm season. But not all canes are of good quality. Therefore, when choosing such models, one should take into account the material and diameter of the wheels, the presence of a folding backrest, depreciation properties, seat belts and the manufacturer.

The best stroller manufacturers

The best stroller manufacturers


We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the rating of the best strollers and the rating of the best walking stick strollers according to customer reviews.

While some “walks” are characterized by good flotation and cushioning, easy to fold and have a solid construction, others shake on every stone and break after not surviving a season. To exclude the second option, you should choose products only from those brands that have proven themselves well in the Russian and European markets.

The most popular stroller manufacturers are:

  1. Bebe comfort;
  2. Peg-perego;
  3. Maclaren;
  4. hauck;
  5. jetem;
  6. CAM.

What type of stroller to choose

What type of stroller to choose

When buying a cane, you need to consider the age of the baby. Such models can be used from six months to three years. Because the stroller cane folds and does not have a solid hard bottom, it does not ensure the correct position of the child under 6 months. For walks with a baby who has not yet learned to sit, cradles or transformers are more suitable.

Which stroller to choose

For 6-month-old babies, it is advisable to use models with a horizontal position of the back. Thanks to this, you can walk with the baby, even when he falls asleep. These strollers are perfect for long walks and a comfortable stay of the baby on the street. But they are rare for sale.

Models, the back of which unfolds up to 140-150 degrees, will suit inquisitive children who stare around most of the time, and do not sleep.

For babies older than 9 months, canes with a backrest fixation in two positions (with a small backrest angle) are a good option. These models are compact, lightweight and easy to transport. Unfolding the backrest helps to improve the view of the child and take a more comfortable posture.

The simplest and cheapest are strollers with a non-adjustable hard back. They have the smallest weight and are designed for short walks. As a rule, they are bought for children older than a year.

There are a wide variety of models on sale. These can be maneuverable three-wheeled canes, products that can be operated with one hand (most wheelchairs are two-handed), and lightweight strollers that can be taken on board an aircraft.

What to look for when buying

What to look for when buying



Most strollers are equipped with small diameter plastic wheels. Such models have good maneuverability and low cost, but they drive well only on flat roads. While walking on uneven surfaces and off-road, the small plastic wheels will rumble and get stuck in all the holes.

The best choice would be rubber wheels, which provide a smoother and softer movement of the cane. The larger the diameter of the wheels you choose, the better the patency of the stroller will be.

Inflatable rubber wheels with a large diameter (about 30cm) are great for off-road, winter walks and broken roads. But they have one significant drawback – they can be pierced.

swivel wheels

Many models of strollers have swivel front wheels that can turn 360 degrees. Such canes are easier to change direction and go around obstacles. Make sure that the swivel wheels can be fixed – this will be needed for walking on sand or in the forest.

Removable wheels

A good option would be models with removable wheels. So you can choose the most suitable type of wheels for a walk. For example, for a trip to nature or for the winter, use large inflatable wheels, and for summer walks, use small plastic ones.

Seat belts

Strollers can be equipped with two-point, three-point and five-point seat belts. Of the first two, a dexterous and active child can get out, but the five-point harness securely fixes the baby and completely eliminates the possibility that he will fall out of the stroller.


Choose models with a bumper that can be removed. This will make it easier for you to put your baby in the stroller.

Cushioning system

In wheelchairs, canes are most often used shock absorbers on springs. They “soften” the stroller well and provide a comfortable stay for the child, and the combination of spring shock absorbers and inflatable rubber wheels significantly reduce shaking when driving.


A large hood will provide better protection from wind, snow and rain, and the presence of a mesh window will allow you to follow the crumbs while moving.


In the following articles, our experts tell you how to choose the right stroller, the secrets of choosing a stroller and an extended guide to choosing a stroller for a newborn.

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