How to choose a stroller for walking in winter: we present the top 10 best options


Question, how to choose a stroller for winter walks, becomes even more responsible when it is so important to protect the baby from the cold and create comfortable conditions for “transportation”. When choosing a children’s means of transportation, it is worth paying attention to quite important little things: where they will ride it, appearance, how it behaves on turns, the “capacity” of children, and the cost. Therefore, when buying strollers, it is important to take into account their features, what age of the passenger they are designed for, comfort and necessary accessories.

After comparing the characteristics and cost of baby strollers, we have compiled a fresh rating of the top 10 best. Focus on this information, and choosing a stroller for your baby will not be a big problem.

Stroller for children Viva Kids Hurdnut

1. Viva Kids Hurdnut – an elegant large-sized stroller opens our top.

Transport is great for the winter season, it has a newfangled design that distinguishes it from similar strollers. The price of the device is also pleasing, because in terms of the quality of the configuration, it is not inferior to more expensive analogues.

What age is it designed for: 3 months – 4 years.

Advantages: the stroller can be folded with one hand, it is convenient for transportation and with all the functionality it weighs only 6 kg.

Equipment: a warm footmuff will keep baby’s feet warm, and the XXL size hood will accommodate the most fashionable hat with huge pom-poms and won’t let a single draft in.

A spacious rear pocket for accessories and personal items, a removable bumper bar and non-slip comfortable handles make the stroller as comfortable and easy to use as possible.

Winter stroller for children Babyhit Nano

2. BabyHit Nano is the next stroller on the list.

In terms of price category, this stroller is higher than the previous one, its weight is a couple of kilograms more, but the characteristics remain worthy.

Designed for age: 6 months – 3 years.

Advantages: The stroller is equipped with excellent shock absorption – now the device can pass over any uneven surfaces, and the child will not feel any discomfort. It, like the previous one, can be folded with one hand. There is also a capacious basket and the ability to adjust the back of the stroller depending on the desired position.

Equipment: five-point safety harness for frisky babies, removable seat upholstery, hood and mosquito net, which will not allow external factors to interfere with the comfort of the child.

Winter stroller for children Babyhit Rainbow G2

3. Next is another Babyhit Rainbow G2 stroller.

This is an improved version of the previous model and it pleases us with its maneuverability and cross-country ability, as well as an improved wheelbase.

Designed for age: 6 months – 3 years.

Advantages: this model is easy to assemble, as it is also a stroller-cane, therefore it is extremely convenient for transportation. A deep and comfortable seat, coordinated backrest, seat belts and a set of cane accessories – all this in the Rainbow G2.

Equipment: the frame is made of durable and lightweight aluminum, so the stroller is resistant to external damage and durable. A bathyscaphe hood will make a walk on this stroller comfortable for the baby in any weather. In addition, it has a viewing window through which the baby can explore the world and admire the sky.

Winter stroller for children Babyhit tetra

4. Babyhit Tetra is the brand’s fourth extended season stroller.

Deserved a lot of accolades from users for its extensive functionality.

Designed for age: 6 months – 3 years.

Advantages: there is also the possibility of folding with one hand, practical durable handles, a stand and a bathyscaphe-shaped hood. Swivel wheels with the ability to lock in a straight position, which simplifies movement, in addition, all wheels have a shock absorption system.

Equipment: there are seat belts, a groin belt and a handrail – removable, which is very convenient. In addition, the stroller has a glove compartment and a cup holder, which is a plus for comfort. And it’s all very inexpensive, according to customer reviews, a purchase for this price exceeds expectations.

Winter stroller for children Viva Kids IWalk

5. On the fifth position is the stroller-cane from Viva Kids IWalk.

It belongs to the winter-summer line and, despite its low price, does not compromise on the convenience of its famous analogues in terms of functionality.

Designed for age: 3 months – 4 years.

Advantages: frames are made of wear-resistant aluminum, which, nevertheless, does not burden the structure. The stroller has large wheels with clamps and stoppers, which are easy to maneuver, and good shock absorption.

Equipment: Made of polyurethane, the handles are durable, comfortable to grip and pleasant to the touch. With all these characteristics, the weight of the stroller is 6.6 kg, which greatly facilitates folding and transportation. A special switch on the back adjusts the degree of raising the back, and this makes the steering of the stroller even more comfortable. The “icing on the cake” is a pleasant price for the device and positive customer reviews.

Winter stroller for children Babyhit Cube

6. The Babyhit Cube is a universal stroller.

Its price is an order of magnitude higher than previous models, but it is justified by a number of advantages that the device has.

Designed for age: 0 – 3 years.

Advantages: the movement and maneuverability of this stroller is as convenient as possible due to the rotation locking system, shock absorption and improved chassis structure. The stroller can withstand weight up to 9 kg, while itself weighs 9.5 kg. The control also makes the material of the handles easier: comfortable, with an anti-slip coating.

Equipment: the seat has a well-designed design, so the child will be comfortable there in any position. Speaking of position, the stroller is equipped with a chic backrest adjustment system, and also with a mosquito net and a visor that protects the child from the blinding sun.

Winter stroller for children Babyhit Lucky

7. Seventh on the list is Babyhit Lucky.

Beautiful and bright colors used in the design will cheer you up even in cold winter.

Designed for age: 0 – 3 years.

Advantages: It is equipped with a capacious basket, where it is convenient to put all kinds of children’s accessories during a walk.

Equipment: to protect the baby from the cold, the set includes a cover-cape for legs, and, in addition, a rain cover and a mosquito net. For the low price of this model, the company also offers a voluminous hood, backrest adjustment in 3 positions and footrests, five-point seat belt system.

Winter stroller for children Viva Kids iCarry: bouncy

8. The next worthy model of Viva Kids iCarry: bouncy, which combines the perfect proportion of size and weight.

Designed for age: 0 – 4 years.

Advantages: stability, maneuverability and easy maneuverability, which is provided by a system of twin, smaller front wheels and large rear wheels.

Equipment: practicality is added by the presence of a mosquito net and a bumper cover. Detachable hood with zipper, equipped with an inner lining, will protect the baby from bad weather. A cotton mattress under the back will help him with this. The reclining backrest allows you to adjust the comfortable position in the range from 90 to 175 degrees. At the bottom there is a large spacious basket for things. The ratio of price and quality of this stroller was appreciated by many buyers.

EasyGo Nitro winter stroller

9. The penultimate stroller of the Polish brand EASYGO NITRO.

The price bar is higher than the previous analogues, but this model is distinguished by wide functionality and ease of adjustment of the seat, footrest, handles for a pleasant price.

Designed for age: 6 months – 3 years.

Advantages: buyers note the color fastness of the stroller, almost no fading in the sun is observed. Handles are comfortable to hold, suitable for any height of people.

Equipment: a warm cover for the legs of the little one and a hood – the strong side of the stroller – will protect the child from winter and rainy weather. Of the minuses: lack of depreciation and a small seat, suitable for very young children. However, the weight, design and small size of the stroller compensate for some of its shortcomings.

Winter stroller for children Babyhit Smiley

10. Rounding out the rating is the Babyhit Smiley stroller.

For its low price, the equipment of the stroller of the summer-winter line is on top.

Designed for age: 6 months – 3 years.

Advantages: all textile parts are made exclusively from delicate and soft to the touch fabrics, easy to wash. The stroller itself is small, easy to manage and move, made of durable material, which, however, does not weigh down the design.

Equipment: the wheels are comfortable, designed for maneuvers, the front wheels are equipped with a locking function, and the rear ones have a foot brake. The backrest can be installed in three positions, rigid and stable, which contributes to the correct development of the child’s posture. There is a leg warmer, a rain cover with air holes on the sides, a mosquito net and three-point seat belts to securely fix the baby in the stroller.


Summing up and answering the question, what kind of stroller to buy for winter snow walks, it should be noted several main points that you should focus on when choosing. For the most convenient use, the stroller should have an ideal ratio of the following points:

  • ease of use and maneuverability;
  • optimal size and weight for you;
  • ease of folding and transportation;
  • adjustable handles, seats and footrests;
  • brakes, wheel fixation, depreciation;
  • all necessary accessories;
  • attractive price.

Considering these points and the wishes of a particular person, the client can easily find a stroller model that suits himself and his child, even without previous experience using this device.

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