How to choose a soft toy, selection tips and reviews


Soft a toy – a universal gift for boys and girls of all ages. Pleasant to the touch, it develops tactile perception, and also gives the baby warmth and joy of communication. Such a toy becomes a true friend whom the child can trust. Laying a toy next to him at night, the baby calms down and falls asleep better. And the child will not get injured playing with it.


classical – occurs in the form of animals – bears, cats, hares, elephants; people (soft baby dolls), characters from fairy tales and cartoons.

  • soft musical – differs from the classical one in that it has a special mechanism with a button inside. By clicking on it, the baby can hear a song, poem or melody performed by the toy. A musical toy develops auditory perception, as well as ingenuity – the child will look for the button.
  • Soft interactive – can move, talk and dance in response to the child’s actions. Such a toy is almost a living creature, always ready to play and have fun with the baby.

Important: so that the toy not only entertains, but also develops the child’s imagination, it is better to purchase ordinary “non-speaking” toys. Let the baby himself speak in the voice of his soft pet. In addition, a talking toy can scare a child.

Toy for educational complexes – an integral part of the mobile, game panel, hanging carousel, development mat. This toy is small in size and painted in bright colors. It is used for the formation and development of color perception and grasping reflex.

Soft rattle toy – differs from ordinary rattles in material: instead of plastic, textiles are used. Inside the rattles there are squeaking and rustling elements. A soft rattle compares favorably with the usual one in that it is pleasant to the touch and safe.

soft book – a book on the pages of which there are fabric inserts and applications that play the role of drawings.

soft cubes – are used more for the development of a grasping reflex than for the construction of structures. The filler in such cubes is foam rubber, and the shell is textile materials. Unlike wooden or plastic counterparts, the cubes are completely safe for kids. Therefore, they can be played by children up to 1-2 years old.

soft ball – a good option for entertainment and development of coordination of the children’s movements. Such a ball, unlike the classic one, cannot break a window or a chandelier. In addition, it can be used as a sofa cushion.

Soft glove doll – a glove made in the form of an animal or a fairy-tale hero, which is “revived” by the hand of an adult.


Up to 3 years – at this age, babies like to pull objects into their mouths, so you should not buy toys with a long nap. It is better to opt for medium-sized toys made of smooth natural fabric without small plastic parts that a child can tear off and swallow.

3 to 7 years old – for children of this age, a soft toy acquires a special meaning – it becomes an inseparable friend. The appearance of the toy is crucial – the pile can be of various lengths, the presence of small parts is also allowed. Since the child walks, plays, eats and sleeps with a soft friend, it is worth paying attention to the possibility of cleaning it at home.


The size of the toy depends on the age of the child: the older he is, the larger he can buy. A toy for babies should be medium in size and not heavy so that the child can play with it without the help of adults. In addition, a large model can scare and even crush him. Optimal parameters – height 10-40 cm, weight – 100-400 g.


A soft toy is made from a variety of materials: plush, faux fur, cashmere, velvet, cotton, velor, fleece, polyester, polystyrene.

For kids under 3 years old well fit toys from smooth materials – velvet, cashmere, fleece, knitwear or cotton. It is better to choose a “soft friend” made from natural hypoallergenic materials, as synthetics can cause irritation, especially if the baby likes to sleep with a toy.

For older children, you can choose toys with a long pile, for example, made of faux fur.

Important: in soft toys sometimes there are parts made of PVC material (muzzles of animals). This is a very dangerous material for a child. To check the quality, touch it with your hand – if it is soft and warm, then it is PVC, if it is hard and cold, then it is less harmful plastic.

You should also pay attention to the filler: synthetic winterizer, synthetic winterizer and artificial fur. Syntepuh is the most environmentally friendly, but faux fur keeps its shape better and lasts longer. The synthetic winterizer may contain harmful formaldehyde resins.

Sometimes there are granules inside a soft toy that retain heat, which “animates” a child’s pet. And this filler develops fine motor skills of the hands.

Important: Choose a toy that is soft to the touch and easy to clean. If a soft toy collects dust very easily, then you should not buy it, otherwise it will become a breeding ground for bacteria and mites.


  • The toy should be as realistic as possible so that the child can learn about the world around him without distortion. Natural shapes, proportions and appropriate colors are the best choice for a baby.
  • When purchasing a toy, you need to pay attention to its safety, which is confirmed by quality certificates. If the toy has a strong smell, then refuse to buy it. In addition, it must be packed in a plastic bag.
  • It is also worth making sure the strength of the seams, the reliability of fixing the pile and small parts. To do this, you can slightly squeeze and pinch the toy. Small details themselves should not be sharp.
  • If the toy has a frame, then it should not be sharp either. To verify this, the toy should be probed. It is important that the filler evenly fills the toy.
  • Since the pile quickly accumulates dirt and dust, a soft toy must be cleaned at least once a month. If this cannot be done at home, then, when giving it to dry cleaning, require the use of harmless products. The method of cleaning the toy should be indicated on the label.
  • If the toy is washable, then the best option would be a delicate wash with baby detergent. Manual cleaning is done with a brush and warm soapy water. You can dry the toy in the sun or near heaters.
  • Musical toys cannot be washed. Otherwise, the mechanism may break. It is recommended to clean such toys with a vacuum cleaner with a special nozzle.
  • The expression of the muzzle of the little animal should not be sad and angry. Remember that a plush friend should please the baby.
  • It is advisable to buy a toy in the presence of a child, since only he will be able to choose a friend to his liking.


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