How to choose a mobile for newborns


Updated: 25.01.2021 17:01:40

A baby mobile is a real salvation for mothers whose child loves to sit on the handles. With it, you can distract the little one for half an hour, and have time to do household chores.


  1. What is a mobile
  2. Children’s mobile – which company to choose
  3. What mobiles are
  4. What to look for when choosing

What is a mobile

What is a mobile

This is the first educational toy for a newborn. It can be used from the first days of life up to 6 months. The mobile is attached to the side of the crib or stroller and attracts the attention of the child, rotating, ringing and playing different melodies.

Why do you need a mobile:

  1. He trains the hearing aid and eye muscles of the baby, develops his ability to focus on objects and distinguish colors.
  2. The baby calms down faster and falls asleep to the music.
  3. The study of toys in a child of 3-4 months takes about 15-30 minutes. And while the baby learns the world, looking at his favorite animals, mom has free time.

Children’s mobile – which company to choose

Buy mobiles from those manufacturers who are responsible for the quality of their products. Children’s toys must meet international quality standards and pass tests for flammability, heavy metal content, toxicity and durability.

The best companies that produce mobile phones for children are:

  1. Tiny Love;
  2. Fisher Price;
  3. Chicco;
  4. maman;
  5. Taf Toys.

What mobiles are

Decorative mobile

Decorative mobile

The simplest type of mobile. He does not have musical accompaniment, a projector and other pleasant “bonuses”. It is light, and the toys on it sway with the slightest movement of air. The mobile can be equipped with bells or bells. Toys in it are removable, they are easy to replace or swap.


  • Low price.
  • Decorative mobile can be made independently.


  • Limited number of features. The mobile does not have a projector, backlight, MP3 player and other useful “bonuses”.

mechanical mobile

mechanical mobile

This toy is key-operated and only plays one tune. Every 2-3 minutes it needs to be restarted. The music produced is reminiscent of the sound of a music box.

Toys are often made from textiles and plastic. Can be removable. Some models are additionally equipped with a mirror.


  • No need to change batteries or charge the battery.


  • The plant lasts for a few minutes.
  • The melody can get boring quickly.

Electronic mobile

Electronic mobile

This is one of the most versatile and convenient mobiles. It runs on batteries or an accumulator, thanks to which it can rotate and play tunes for about 5-30 minutes without stopping.

Some models are equipped with an MP3 player, on which you can upload your own music and use it instead of the manufacturer’s melodies. They allow you to adjust the volume and turn off the sound.

Sometimes a crying sound sensor is built into the mobile. When the baby starts crying, the sensor reacts and turns on the mobile.

Some models are equipped with a night-light projector, which creates a projection of the night sky on the walls or shows the baby images of colored figures. In this case, you can turn on the music.


  • An electric mobile can keep a child busy for 15-30 minutes.
  • You can switch melodies and control the movement of toys.
  • The built-in projector helps the baby fall asleep.


  • You need to change the batteries or charge the battery.
  • It costs more than decorative and mechanical mobiles.

What to look for when choosing

What to look for when choosing


Electric models are equipped with screw fasteners that can withstand heavy loads. They are attached to the metal and wooden sides of the crib. There are Velcro fasteners for which the mobile is suspended from the handle of the car seat or clings to the stroller. Clamps are often used – they are attached to the sides of a regular bed, a playpen, as well as to a stroller and a cradle.


Choose models with removable toys. They can be easily removed, washed and, if necessary, replaced with new ones. In addition, the baby will be able to play with his favorite figures even during a walk.

Musical accompaniment

Choose models in which you can adjust the volume and turn off the sound. Before buying, listen to all the melodies that the manufacturer offers. The sound should be clear, soothing, it should not irritate you and the child.

Remote control

Models with a remote control are more expensive, but they make life much easier for mom. The remote control allows you to set the desired volume at a distance, switch melodies, speed up or slow down the “carousel” of toys


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