How to choose a mobile, arc, selection tips and reviews



Mobile (mobile) – suspension, with toys attached to it. The rotation of toys to the musical accompaniment occurs when the device is turned on. The mobile is attached to the crib, stroller and car seat. This device helps to develop vision, hearing, perception of colors and shapes, memory, reflexes. The mobile is able to occupy the attention of the baby for a long time, as well as lull him.

Rainbow – a device that toys are attached to. Suitable for crib, stroller and car seat. The number of toys varies from 2 or more pieces. Some arcs are equipped with a mirror and backlight. There are also musical models.

Important: the mobile should be installed above the baby’s crib or stroller when he turns 1 month old. It will be most useful at the age of 2 to 5-6 months. The mobile will introduce the baby to animals, objects, shapes and colors.

plant type

Electronic – Runs on batteries. Easily activated using the remote control or pressing a button. Electronic mobiles do not require any physical effort to wind them up. In the event of a battery being discharged, which usually lasts for a long time, it is enough to replace it with a new one.

Mechanical – key start. During use, the mobile or arc will have to be constantly wound up (usually every 5 minutes).

Important: Pay attention to the duration of the mobile. Some toys can spin for 30 minutes, others for 10 minutes or even 5 minutes. It is worth choosing those that are able to work longer, since constantly turning on the toy is quite tiring.


The mobile can be attached to the crib, stroller and car seat. There are models that are fixed only to a crib or stroller, but it is better to purchase a mobile with a universal mount.

Since we are talking about the safety of the child, the mount must be reliable and durable, withstanding the weight of the toys. It is desirable that the height and width be regulated in it.


Toys are removable and stationary. It is better to choose a mobile with removable toys to change them, thereby maintaining the baby’s interest in the device. In addition, removable toys are easy to wash, and the child will be able to use them separately from the mobile in the future. Mobiles with stationary toys are cheaper.

There are toys in mobiles plastic and soft. Plastic toys do not absorb dust and are easier to care for, soft toys are more pleasant to the touch and safer.

The number of toys in the mobile varies from 3 to 6 and more pieces.

Important: as a rule, toys move with the mobile. If they are fixed on ropes, and not on plastic, then the child will be able to play with them if the rotation of the mobile stops.

In order for the mobile to develop vision and color perception, it must be placed at a distance of at least 50 cm from the eyes of a child.


Sound accompaniment – the rotation of the mobile occurs to the music: the sounds of nature, classical music, children’s songs. You should pay attention to adjusting the sound and the possibility of turning it off – the music should not be too loud and harsh. It’s good if you can turn on and off the rotation and music in the mobile, both together and separately.

night light (backlight) – a weak light source (including in the form of an animal figure, a plant), which will help the baby fall asleep. A night light is also useful for mom, for example, if you need to change clothes for a child.

Projector – projects slow-moving images onto the ceiling or wall to attract the child’s attention. Like a night light, the projector will help your baby fall asleep.

Mirror – intended for entertainment. During the game, the baby will be interested in “communicating” with his reflection. The mirror is made from safe materials.

Remote controller management – allows you to remotely turn on and off the mobile so as not to disturb the child’s sleep.

Important: It is better to periodically install and remove the mobile than to keep it on the crib all the time. The fact is that the baby eventually gets used to the mobile and loses interest in it.


  • It’s good if all the toys on the mobile have a different shape and color. This will help to interest the baby and develop his vision. Choose toys made in the form of a ball, cube, triangle. It is known that the first colors that a child distinguishes are yellow, red, white and black. A good option is toys painted in stripes.
  • Toys with painted eyes and a mouth look good. The child will be able to focus on the smallest details.
  • Toys should be pleasant to the touch, with neat seams, without sharp corners. Refrain from purchasing toys that contain metal or glass – this is very dangerous for the baby.
  • Don’t forget to wash your toys regularly.


The requirements for materials for the manufacture of mobiles and bars are high, since their surface is in contact with the smallest children. Therefore, it is absolutely not worth buying the cheapest models of incomprehensible manufacturers.

Basically, the market presents products of brands (cheaper models) Alexis, Bambi, Bertoni, Na-Na, Playgro, Simba, as well as more expensive mobiles: Canpol babies, Chicco, Fisher-Price, Smoby, Tiny Love. There is practically no difference in quality between them: all mobiles and arches are made of certified materials, look beautiful, and are equipped with additional functions (depending on the price of a particular model). So choose safely based on your budget and preferences.


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