How to choose a carnival costume, tips for choosing and reviews


carnival costume – clothes that form the image of the character. This is an essential attribute of children’s New Year’s parties, which creates a festive mood. The costume helps the child feel like a favorite hero, develops taste and imagination, introduces them to various areas of life.

Carnival costumes


Costumes are usually used to create a complete carnival look. There are also individual elements of the costume, for example, a crown, a mask or a hat, which make it possible to quickly form an image with one or two characteristic strokes.

You can add a variety of accessories to the costume – they are purchased separately. Examples of accessories: a fan for a lady, a sword for a warrior, a muleta for a bullfighter. To achieve a complete resemblance to the chosen image, face makeup is used (painted scars, sparkles, temporary tattoos).

Selection Tips

  • The child should like the image that the costume creates. Therefore, always choose the theme of the costume in accordance with his wishes. In addition, the outfit should match the temperament and behavior of the baby. The costume of a knight is hardly suitable for a shy child and, on the contrary, an active boy / girl will be bored in the guise of a doctor or a cook.
  • When choosing the best option, proceed from the theme of the upcoming carnival.
  • Evaluate how accurately the costume recreates the image. Spectators and participants of the festival should not doubt: a knight is a knight, a cat is a cat, a nurse is a nurse. Check that you have the necessary parts and accessories.
  • Pay attention to the quality of the suit: all elements should hold well, the seams should be neat and strong, the fasteners should be reliable. Make sure that the elastic on the mask securely fixes the accessory, but at the same time does not squeeze the child’s head.


For boy, men – creates images of a prince, a pirate, a musketeer, a knight, a king, Puss in Boots.

For girls, women – creates images of a princess, fairy, queen, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White.

Unisex – suitable for children of both sexes. Most often, these include costumes that form the image of an animal or a representative of the profession (cook, doctor, policeman, sailor).


Warrior, superhero – one of the most popular carnival images. Versatile costumes that are suitable for many holidays. The image of a warrior will especially appeal to an active child. Options: Pirate, Knight, Musketeer, Ninja, Cowboy, Batman, Spiderman, Superman.

Monarch, aristocrat – a spectacular costume that forms a “noble” appearance. Some models create the image of a “king”, while others imitate the image of a specific historical figure. The monarch costume is worth choosing for a quiet child. Options: Count, Prince, King, Emperor.

National costumes – allows the child to feel like a representative of the corresponding nation. Options: Ukrainian, Oriental, Spanish and others.

Fairy tale characters, cartoon characters – detailed and bright costumes, which are complemented by accessories – a basket for pies, a bow, a magic wand and other items. A win-win option for a kid who wants to transform into their favorite hero. Options: Aladdin, Robin Hood, Koschey the Immortal, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Pinocchio, Puss in Boots and others.

New Year characters – the central figures at the New Year’s holiday. Such costumes are more suitable for a teenager and even an adult. Options: Santa Claus, Snow Maiden, Santa Claus, snowman.

Animals, insects – appropriate for themed carnivals and holidays without a specific theme. The costume often consists of a minimum of elements, which reduces the price. The best choice for a toddler. But older children in such a suit will not be interested. Options: cat, bunny, hedgehog, bear, fox, mosquito, bug and others.

Vegetables fruits – original, but not too versatile costumes. Useful if the child needs to read the rhyme on behalf of the corresponding fruit or vegetable. The age group is the same as for animal and insect costumes. Options: tomato, mushroom, beet, onion and others.

Natural phenomena, seasons of the year – Suitable only for views whose scenario covers the relevant topics. Options: thunderstorm, cloud, rainbow, wind, snow, autumn, winter, summer, spring and others.

Professions – suitable for children who want to imagine themselves in the role of a specific specialist. Options: police officer, ship captain, cook, nurse, stewardess and others.


When choosing the material of the costume, it is worth considering that the carnival involves outdoor games. The fabric, if possible, should be natural, breathable and hypoallergenic. Good options are cotton and silk. A high-quality suit does not have a sharp “chemical” smell.

Synthetics – not the best solution, as it increases sweating. For the same reason, you should not choose models with an abundance of fur, it is better to focus on suits with fur trim.

Pay attention to the fire safety of the material so that an accidental spark from a Bengal fire does not ignite the outfit.

Important: if the product is made of synthetics, the lining must be natural. After all, it is this detail that is in contact with the skin of the child.


The comfort of the child at the holiday depends on the correctly chosen size of the outfit. Too small a suit restricts movement and impairs blood circulation, a very large suit does not fit well and clings to foreign objects. The model should match in size with the figure of the baby.

The size is indicated by numbers: 28, 30, 32 and so on. This parameter includes data on height, bust, hips and waist. Dimensional grids for different brands may vary. Therefore, try on the costume “live” or select according to the clothes worn by the child.


The theme and execution of the costume should correspond to the age of the child. You should not buy a product “for growth”: in such an outfit, the child will be uncomfortable, and his tastes are changing rapidly. For kids, simple and comfortable overalls with a minimum of details are suitable. Older children will need more complex models, consisting of several parts and accessories.


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