How to choose a bassinet, selection tips and reviews



Cradle for a stroller – a basket that is installed on the chassis of the stroller. Used for babies from birth to one year old. Protects the child from wind, snow and cold. The cradle can also serve as a temporary bed (for example, in nature). If desired, the cradle can be replaced, which will allow you to upgrade the stroller without purchasing a new model.

Soft carrying cradle – an accessory that allows you to comfortably and conveniently carry the baby, while ensuring the normal position of the spine. It is especially useful for short transportation of the child, for example, from the room to the stroller and back.

Maximum child weight

The maximum allowable weight of the baby for which a particular cradle is designed. As a rule, it is designed for a child weighing up to 15 kg.


The hood of the carrycot can be removed and/or folded if necessary. Removable – allows you to install it both on the cradle and on the walking block.

Folding – allows you to adjust its position. This feature can come in handy in the summer depending on the weather or to increase your baby’s view of the surrounding area.


Removable – a very important and useful function, since from time to time the cover gets dirty and needs to be washed.

Breathing – made of breathable material that provides good air circulation in the carrycot.

Waterproof – protects the child from the rain.

insulated – protects the baby from wind and cold.

Hypoallergenic materials – do not cause allergies in the child.

Tilt adjustments

Backrest/headrest – allows the child to take a comfortable position and provides him with a good overview while driving. A very useful feature for children trying to sit up. Some carrycots have 4 backrest/headrest positions.

The weight

The cradle is lightweight, which makes it much easier to carry a child in it. Its weight varies from 3.5 to 8 kg.


Carry handles – are used for convenient carrying of a cradle. They are attached to the outer sides of the cradle and have an arcuate shape. There are both hard (cradle) and soft handles (carry cot).

Hard bottom and mattress – are designed for the proper development of the baby’s spine and the prevention of scoliosis. The cradle, equipped with these accessories, provides a comfortable rest for the child.

ventilation window – an opening in the hood, which ensures optimal air circulation inside the carrycot.

Raincoat – a cape made of waterproof material that protects the baby from strong wind and rain. The cape is supplied with the cradle or sold separately.

mosquito net – protects the child from insects, which is especially important during sleep in the warm season. Mesh is included or sold separately.

Car mount adapter – a device that allows you to fix the cradle in the car. In this case, it can be used as a car seat. The cradle itself is attached to the back seat.

Seat belts – prevent the child from falling out of the cradle while traveling in a car.


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