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Strollers for children come in five types: universal 3 in 1 and 2 in 1, for newborns, walking and transformers. All of them have advantages and disadvantages that must be considered when choosing the first “transport” of the child.


  1. Stroller with carrycot
  2. Stroller
  3. Stroller-transformer
  4. Universal strollers
  5. Strollers for twins
  6. What parameters to look for when choosing a stroller


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Types of strollers for children

Stroller with carrycot

Stroller with carrycot

Great option for a newborn baby. This is a stroller with a basket, four large wheels (often inflatable) and good spring cushioning. It has a solid bottom, which guarantees the correct lying position of the child. It protects well from snow and rain, and when using a mosquito net, the child is not afraid of insect bites.

Carrycots are equipped with an adjustable handlebar, fabric waterproof hood, shopping basket, sun visor, bag and footmuff. There is a lot of space in the cradle itself, you can put rattles there so that the baby does not get bored.


  • Thanks to the large wheels, it is easy for mom to overcome curbs and bumps on the road.
  • A child in warm winter clothes fits easily into the cradle.
  • A car seat can be installed on the chassis of some models.
  • Waterproof coating and high sides protect the baby from snow, rain, wind.


  • Short period of use – from birth to 6-8 months.
  • They take up a lot of space. Not all models fit through doorways or fit in an elevator.
  • Large weight (14–27 kg). Difficult to carry and climb stairs.



Designed for children from 6 months to three years old who can sit. In many models, the backrest can be lowered so that the baby sleeps.

These strollers are foldable, lightweight (6-10 kg) and fit through doorways. They are equipped with a removable bar in front of the child, a carrying handle, a seat (preferably 30-35 cm wide), a backrest that can be lowered and a hood that protects from the weather.

Most four-wheeled models have small wheels. However, tricycles are equipped with large tires, so they can easily ride over rough terrain.


  • They fold up and fit in the trunk.
  • Used from six months to three or four years.
  • Easy to handle due to low weight and small wheels.


  • When lying down, the hood cannot be lowered.
  • Most models are designed for walking on a flat road.



You can walk on a transforming stroller at any time of the year. It is used both for newborns and for children who have learned to sit. It is easily modified from a stroller-cradle to a walking model.

Transformer models are equipped to the maximum. They have:

  1. Carrying bag;
  2. Seat belts;
  3. Adjustable footrest;
  4. Replaceable wheels;
  5. Shopping cart;
  6. Ventilated hood window;
  7. flip handle;
  8. Other accessories: rain cover, sun visor, footmuff.


  • Long term use – from birth to four years of age;
  • Takes up less space than a bassinet. Adds up.
  • You can adjust the position of the back.
  • Has a flip handle. This makes it easier to move on uneven surfaces, helps to maneuver in bad weather to protect the child from snow and wind.


  • Since the stroller has a folding design, the child needs to put a hard mattress to sleep.
  • The cradle is not as spacious as a classic stroller for newborns.
  • With constant transformation, it wears out a lot.

Universal strollers

Universal strollers

Universal strollers differ from transformers in that instead of transformation, one block is replaced with another. They are designed for children up to three years old. They have large wheels that provide high maneuverability and a smooth ride. Suitable for all weather conditions.

There are universal strollers 2 in 1 and 3 in 1. Models 2 in 1 consist of a cradle, a chassis and a walking block. 3 in 1 strollers differ only in that they have a group 0 or 0+ car seat. It can be used from birth up to 12 months.

A good universal stroller should have large lockable wheels, a folding backrest, a fabric hood, shock absorption, five-point seat belts (provide the most reliable protection) for the seat unit, a bumper bar, a cradle carrying strap.


  • Saving. Parents do not have to spend money on a stroller-cradle, walking winter and summer, car seat.
  • The cradle has a hard bottom. This is good for the baby’s back.
  • The cradle well protects the child from bad weather.


  • Maneuverability is lower than that of strollers.
  • Takes up extra space in the apartment. While the cradle is being used, the walking part is kept at home, and vice versa.
  • Big size. Difficulty climbing stairs or entering an elevator.

Strollers for twins

Strollers for twins

At the birth of two or three children, parents should choose a stroller with several seats. Such a model should have large wheels and a high-quality foot brake.

There are three types of wheelchairs:

  1. The seats are side by side. Or the seat is one, but has a partition. Such strollers provide the same view for babies, and it is easier for mom to keep track of them. But due to the large dimensions, this model does not fit well into doorways. In addition, over time, kids begin to interfere with each other and quarrel.
  2. The seats are located one behind the other. This stroller fits easily through doorways but has little maneuverability due to its length. In addition, not all seats can take a horizontal position.
  3. Transformers. The model allows you to change the seat. Children can be seated facing each other, one baby put to sleep, and the other left awake. The main disadvantage of this stroller is its heavy weight and heavy transportation.

What parameters to look for when choosing a stroller

how to choose a stroller

Stroller size and weight

If you live in an apartment building, and even on the top floor, pay attention to the area of ​​u200bu200bthe elevator. It is necessary to choose a model that fits freely into it, and also passes through the openings of the entrance and balcony doors.

If you are buying a heavy stroller, but you have to travel up and down stairs every day, look at the “walking” design. This is a stroller in which the distance between the front and rear wheels is the same as the distance between the steps.


The health of the child depends on the seat belts. They are necessary when descending stairs and overcoming curbs. Seat belts prevent a mobile baby from falling out of their vehicle. They are two-point (as in an airplane), three-point and five-point. The most reliable are five-point.

The sides of the stroller should not be low for the child. Properly selected seat depth ensures its safety.


Stroller shock absorbers reduce shaking when walking, soften the ride. Most models are equipped with spring shock absorbers. They are durable and reliable. Sometimes carrycot strollers are equipped with belt shock absorbers, which increases maneuverability. But straps can break.


Buying a model with detachable wheels has advantages for people living in an apartment. Returning from the street, the mother can put the stroller in the hallway, remove and wash the wheels, move the stroller to its usual place. Removable wheels also help save space in the trunk of your car.

Depending on the time of the year, they can be changed, in winter you can put large rubber wheels, in summer you can use plastic wheels. Remember, their size affects the patency of the stroller. The larger their diameter, the easier it will be to move over rough terrain.

Strollers with swivel wheels are easy to turn and manoeuvre. But off-road patency is low.

Three-wheeled models are easy to maneuver, but they cannot be moved on the runners of underpasses and stairs. Such strollers must “walk”.


When choosing a stroller for the winter, make sure that the hood falls to the bumper. This will protect the baby from snow and wind.

Strollers are often equipped with a waterproof fabric hood. Sometimes hoods are made of leather, but such products do not “breathe” well.


If the baby likes to sleep while walking, the stroller should be equipped with a rigid horizontal back. Therefore, when buying folding models, make sure that this rule is respected. As a last resort, put a special mattress.


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