‘House with Balloons’ Wins Votes in 50 Days

It took only 50 days for the Balloon House project to gather 10,000 votes from site visitors in its support. LEGO Ideas. It is noteworthy that its author, who works under the nickname Vaiko, put the “brick” model on public display for the first time in his life.

The very fact that the debut turned out to be so successful proves the correctness of the well-known statement – newcomers are lucky! Be that as it may, Vaiko was awarded a ticket to participate in the next stage of the open competition Lego – the third review of ideas in 2022. This is the eighth model in the list of regular candidates who will fight among themselves for the title of the official designer of the Danish manufacturer.

“House with balls” made of cubes was created on the basis of the film of the same name by the American companies Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney, which was released in 2009. It tells about the widower Carl Fredriksen, who, while preparing to move to a nursing home, suddenly decides to fulfill his common dream with his wife – to visit South America. Hundreds of balloons lift Carl’s house and he sets off on a journey.

The author of the brick model invites construction lovers to build a house with balls from 2995 parts and turn it into an exciting game location. The set includes 3 minifigures of the main characters of the film: Ellie, Carl and Russell, as well as figures of Dougie the dog and Kevin the huge bird.

The Balloon House set received 10,000 votes in just 50 days!

In the set, as in the original film, the house becomes the central place of action and development of events. Outwardly, it turns out quite beautiful, and inside it looks very decent. Modular assembly technology provides an opportunity to remove the attic floor of the house and view the interior of the main room, represented by paintings, sofas, a fireplace, decorations above the fireplace, and so on. In addition, you can understand how the system for attaching balls to the house is arranged – it is connected to the bottom of the fireplace. The constructed model can be demonstrated both with balls and without them.

The future will show how the members of the jury of the Danish Lego company will evaluate this project. We only note that a similar idea of ​​the “House with Balloons” was previously proposed by two other participants in the competition. LEGO Ideas and they were also selected for the review stage. However, in both cases, the models proposed by the competent jury of the open competition were rejected. Despite this, many commentators are sure that the considered “brick” toy has a better chance of success than its predecessors. Because it presents a more detailed and realistic copy of the on-screen prototype with the main characters of the story. Well, let’s wait and see.

The Balloon House set received 10,000 votes in just 50 days!

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