Holiday designers “Lego” for the elite

In October, fans of the “world of cubes” have a real holiday of the designer Lego. However, only a select few, namely residents of the Asia-Pacific region, can take part in it.

Construction fans from Europe and America remain outside of this traditional promotion called LEGO Bricktober. Therefore, Europeans and Americans rarely manage to become owners of interesting new products that are specially produced for this event. However, not all Asian fans of Danish constructors can get their hands on truly unique sets that are modeled after children’s mechanical toys for driving. Because such kits are produced in an extremely limited edition.

According to information circulating in social networks, the current kits will be dedicated to models of the so-called “English rides”. Four upcoming LEGO Bricktober novelties will feature different adventure rides: Space Ride, Pirate Ride, Fantasy Unicorn Ride and Dragon Ride. Each toy includes a vehicle in the form of a space rocket, a pirate ship, a unicorn and a dragon. Thanks to the mechanical device, they can be moved manually using the drive wheel. Also included are four themed minifigures.

News commentators note that all the models shown in the pictures, in their design, strongly resemble a toy from the set 40335 LEGO Ideas Space Rocketwhich was produced by the Danish manufacturer in 2019-2020.

Thus, if in 2021 Asian collectors received sets in the form of books with fairy tales, then in 2022 they will become the owners of children’s attractions. Throughout October, these four exclusive LEGO Bricktober sets will be available at TRU stores throughout Asia.

The Lego company will arrange a holiday of designers only for the elite

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