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Tiny carriages and carts pulled by ponies – this is what the carriages looked like 300 years ago. Children could only sit in them, it was still very far from comfortable and soft walking blocks and cradles.

History of prams

From an incredible curiosity that only the nobility could afford to purchase, strollers have smoothly transitioned into an essential item for families waiting for replenishment. When the first baby stroller appeared, how it looked, to whom modern mothers should thank for the much-needed invention, and other interesting facts are described in the article.

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The history of the pram

A useful invention appeared in the distant 1733. The progenitor of the baby stroller was the British landscape architect W. Kent. Duke W. Cavendish instructed him to come up with some kind of device for transporting children. The noble gentleman was the happy father of 6 young aristocrats. W. Kent created a kind of baby carriage, which looked like a small wagon. It was not her parents and not the nanny who transported her. Then who? The “drivers” were ponies or goats.

The first baby strollers

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Carriages for babies came into fashion in the 19th century. The English Queen Victoria, a caring mother of 9 princes and princesses, wished to walk with her offspring herself. Especially for the crowned person, a stroller was created, which vaguely resembled a modern one (model under the retro EICHHORN SENATOR). True, at that time there was no handle to transport it, we had to pull the structure along with us.

In 1840, strollers were firmly established in the everyday life of noble families who could afford a nanny. She (already instead of a pony) drove carts with young aristocrats behind her. The names of the devices were appropriate: “Princess”, “Duchess”.

Further events in the history of baby carriages unfolded as follows:

  1. 1853 – Englishman C. Burton patented a stroller with a rear handle. The designs improved handling, but the children could only sit here, so they were not suitable for babies.
  2. Last third of the 19th century – transformation from a small carriage to a cradle. In 1880, the British authorities ordered children’s transport to be equipped with red and white lights.
  3. The end of the 19th century – the first stroller company appears in Great Britain. It was called Silver Cross.
  4. 1889 – W. Richardson, who lived in Baltimore, put forward and patented a new idea – a reversible stroller, the baby could sit facing or back to the parents / nanny. Another know-how – the wheels could rotate 360 ​​° independently of each other.

After the First World War, the invention of the English architect was already used by almost everyone, except for the poorest segments of the population. Footboards appeared in the strollers, the seat for the baby deepened, and the structure decreased significantly in height. Gradually, the wooden and wicker parts of the product are replaced by plastic and rubber components.

In 1950, strollers finally fell in price and everyone could buy them (an inexpensive option – BabyHit Handy). In 1965, a lightweight folding model was invented. The walking version was created by the English aircraft engineer O. McLaren. But the know-how does not end there.

Modern baby strollers

In 1980, 3-wheeled copies appear. Such models (for example, Quinny Moodd) are more maneuverable and more compact than products with 4 wheels. The front wheel in them rotates 360 °, due to which it has become convenient and easy to drive vehicles.

Modern baby strollers

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Another common type is transforming strollers. They quickly turn from a cradle to a stroller. They are chosen because you can buy a stroller for a baby and use it up to 3 years. 2-in-1 strollers are a versatile option. Canes, walking sticks, twin strollers, bicycle strollers – all these models are designed taking into account the safety and comfort of the baby while in the stroller.

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The main characteristics of modern options:

What modern specimens cannot do without:

  • seat belts;
  • hood for protection from the sun and rain;
  • some models can be equipped with a car seat;
  • anatomical seats;
  • adjustable backrest;
  • wheel cushioning to avoid shaking while walking;
  • mosquito nets to protect the crumbs from insect bites.

There are also models today (for example, Geoby C605) that look like strollers of yesteryear. They have large wheels, a deep cradle, a curved handle. But the similarity is only superficial. The “stuffing” is far from ancient. Here and anti-dirt impregnation of the fabric, and a removable cradle with carrying straps, and 5-point seat belts, and more.

Such devices are used year-round, which the first strollers could not boast of, which, due to their low height, simply did not drive through slush and snow. It is good that these times are in the past, ahead are even more perfect and original types of strollers.

The future of baby strollers

The latest models can turn into sleds, find out the air temperature “overboard” and even charge mobile phones.

The future of baby strollers

What else strollers will surprise users with:

  • they will drive themselves, there will be no need to push them by the handle;
  • they can be controlled using a smartphone;
  • learn how to warm bottles for babies;
  • get headlights and soft interior lighting.

Of course, the models of the future have a futuristic design and look more like spaceships than the usual strollers on 3, 4 wheels. It is also planned to install heating and air conditioning inside the products.

Another unusual idea is a stroller with a hood, under which a comfortable climate with clean air is maintained. Built-in speakers and microphone allow parents and baby to communicate seamlessly.

So far, models such as the Strollever have not entered mass production. But in the near future, this can happen, and then each parent will receive for their child not just a vehicle, but a full-fledged mini-house on wheels.

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In the 300 years of its existence, baby strollers have evolved from unstable carts into comfortable vehicles. This is not the end of their story. Indeed, many companies not only improve existing models, but also come up with products that so far can only be seen in science fiction films. But in 1733, even a modern carriage would have seemed like an alien creation. Progress does not stand still, it remains only to wait for what surprises it will bring to children and their parents.


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