“Harry Potter” will be replenished in 2022 with new designers


The series

Western bloggers have recently begun to often look into the next 2022 and give out information on new sets. The other day there was a message that in the first quarter the release of four new designers of the popular Harry Potter series.

So, what new products will the Danish manufacturer please fans of the young wizard?

  • LEGO 76396 Hogwarts Moment: Divination Lessons – the set is supposed to be the first of two new “books”. When opened, it will demonstrate Harry Potter’s classroom, where he, along with his classmates, learns to guess. In total, the set will include 3 minifigures – along with the main character of the story, there is also a figure of Professor Trelawney and Parvati Patil.
  • LEGO 76397 Hogwarts Moment: Defense Against the Dark Arts – The second “book” will be devoted to an episode from the fourth year of the school of wizards. A memorable lesson is re-enacted in which Professor Moody talks about unforgivable curses with a demonstration on a spider.
  • Lego Hogwarts Hospital Wing 76398 – the model of which building the creators of the prefabricated toy offer to build fans of the “world of cubes”, it is clear from the name of the designer. This set promises to be the premiere of a new minifigure that will introduce Madame Pomfy, which has never been included in the themed collections yet.
  • 76399 LEGO Hogwarts Suitcase – bloggers suggest that this set will allow you to recreate a variety of scenes from the life of the inhabitants of the school of wizards.

Thus, most of the four Lego sets expected at the beginning of the year of the series dedicated to the adventures of the young wizard Harry Potter continue the themes familiar from early designers in terms of content.



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