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Meet the calculator that recognizes manual input and famously counts what you “sprinkled” on the screen of your tablet or smartphone – MyScript Calculator. The calculator perfectly understands your handwriting and supports arithmetic operations, exponentiation, brackets, trigonometric functions, logarithms and constants. In addition to the calculator, MyScript offers solutions for handwriting recognition, geometric shapes and musical notation.

About MyScript

Today’s article goes beyond describing a single application, as the company MyScript develops many interesting applications and tools not only for users, but also for software developers. And they all involve handwriting.

Company MyScript appeared more than 15 years ago (previously it was called Vision Objects). Company now MyScript is a recognized leader in accurate and high performance handwriting recognition technology. The technology allows you to accurately recognize handwritten text, mathematical equations, geometric shapes and musical notation. Company Solutions MyScript available for leading desktop and mobile operating systems: Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOS, linux, iOS and Android. More than 64 languages ​​are supported.

MyScript developer tools

All tools are divided into three types: panels, widgets and components. As you can see from the picture, panels are stand-alone applications that can be integrated into your own applications with a simple API. They are designed for rapid integration. Widgets are software components with a graphical user interface for managing manual input. Widgets allow flexible integration of technology MyScript to your applications. Components provide access to handwriting processing functions.

MyScript developer tools

For example, a calculator MyScriptwhich will be discussed below in this article, is made using the widget Math Widget. Those. to understand how the widget will work in your application, you can use the calculator.

You can read more about this topic on the developer’s website: https://dev.myscript.com/dev-kits/application-toolkit/.

In addition, the developer suggests using the cloud to recognize manual input. In this case, web services will be engaged in recognition MyScript. According to the developers, this approach facilitates the development of the application.

The scheme of the MyScript cloud for handwriting recognition

How it works: You must capture ink strokes as an array of points with x and y coordinates. Further on the protocol HTTP you communicate with the cloud web service in the format JSON.

Cloud technology supports text recognition, mathematical expressions, shapes, and a mixture of these three options.

You can read more about the MyScript cloud here: https://dev.myscript.com/dev-kits/cloud-development-kit/.

If these options for application development are not enough for you, the company MyScript can provide an SDK: https://dev.myscript.com/dev-kits/software-development-kit/.

For those who want to try the tools at work, the developers offer a 90 day license for non-commercial use.

Demonstration of MyScript technology

See how recognition technology works MyScript you can directly from your browser on the web demos page: http://webdemo.myscript.com/. Here you can check how geometric shapes, text, mathematical equations, chemical formulas are recognized. You can also install a calculator on your tablet or smartphone MyScript (available for Android and iOS) or one of the applications described on the following page: http://myscript.com/technology/technical-demonstrations/.

MyScript Calculator

Now let’s see what the calculator can do MyScript Calculator. You can install it for Android and iOS. The calculator works great for smartphones and tablets, although screen size matters. On the big screen, writing formulas is more convenient, and if you use a stylus, then using the calculator becomes even more comfortable.

MyScript Calculator for iPhone

As I wrote above, the calculator understands basic arithmetic operations (+, -, x, ÷, +/-, 1/x), other operations (%, √, x!, |x|), exponentiation and exponents ( ℯx, xy , x2), brackets, trigonometric functions (cos, sin, tan, acos, asin, atan), logarithms (ln , log) and constants (π, ℯ, phi).

Recognition of mathematical expressions

Of the useful chips, strikethrough gestures can be noted, which allow you to delete numbers and mathematical signs, and undo actions.

Also pleased with the automatic solution of the equation:

Automatic solution of equations

In conclusion, we can say that the calculator MyScript will be of interest to schoolchildren, students and engineers. And the ability to integrate with other applications makes the technology MyScript interesting for software developers.

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