Greek Temple Model in LEGO Idea Contest

10 thousand visitors to the site of the open competition LEGO Ideas again voted for the author’s project “Ancient Greek Temple”. The fact is that the model of the Hungarian Lego fan Daniel Kuruc has already been selected and became a participant in the final review of ideas in 2021.

Then the competent jury rejected the project. But the author did not give up and decided to try his luck a second time, slightly changing the design and adding details to the “brick” temple. On June 13, 2022, Daniel again put his work on public display and after 67 days received the coveted 10,000 votes in support of the project.

The author was inspired to create this model by a tourist trip to Greece. He also discovered that there were very few designers with models of ancient structures in the Lego assortment – this Daniel considers a big gap in the work of Danish designers. Meanwhile, Greek temples dating back to the 10th century BC deserve the closest attention.

To recreate the appearance of a typical Greek island, Daniel used blue building slabs with a rocky hill on which the temple is located. The result was a small island, decorated with many plants and small trees, showing the lush vegetation of the islands of Greece. The total area of ​​u200bu200bthe “brick” location is approximately 60 by 36 centimeters.

Ancient Greek temple climbs Olympus again LEGO Ideas

You can get into the ancient temple by overcoming a rather steep staircase leading directly to the porch of the structure. Here, visitors are greeted by two armed guards who guard the temple. There is also a temple priestess who makes sure that the flames never go out in the fiery bowls. Total included in the composition of the toy 5 minifigures.

The main model is a typical cult building of the Greek pagans, built on the basis of 16 impressive columns. Inside the ancient building there is only one altar with a statue, which is a place for collecting gifts brought by visitors.

Ancient Greek temple climbs Olympus again LEGO Ideas

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