Gift sets for official LEGO magazines


What gift sets are offered to buyers by official LEGO magazines?

Official Lego magazines this year will continue to be accompanied by gift mini-constructors. This is shown by the fresh issues of periodicals that appeared on the shelves of newsstands. Buying their favorite themed magazines, Lego fans at the same time become the owners of interesting, often even exclusive models and miniature figures. The fact is that some of these sets do not have corresponding analogues among the standard designers of the Danish manufacturer.

LEGO Star Wars Magazine #79 features a collectible Imperial snowmobile minifigure. LEGO City #47 gives readers a free buildable police car model and police officer miniature figure. Buyers of LEGO Jurassic World #17 have a small set to build a Jurassic Park character Velociraptor minifigure. But those who purchase the 84th issue of LEGO “Ninjago” will be able to continue their underwater adventures with the young ninja Kai.

In addition, buyers of these magazines are informed about gift mini-constructors that are attached to the next issues of the official Lego magazines. Fans of the “City” series can expect a model of a drilling machine with a construction worker minifigure. Fans of Jurassic Park will be delighted with the Rex dinosaur figurine. And for Ninjago connoisseurs, there is a Bentomaar minifigure with two faces and a Mega Trident accessory.



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