Gift for visitors of the English “Legoland”


In the end of November English “Legoland” in Windsor will give young construction fans aged 3 to 12 a real New Year’s gift. A large Christmas tree will appear on the territory of the park with 20 different entertainment attractions, for the construction of which more than 50 million Lego parts were used.

So what, the reader will think, evergreen spruce appears in many places these days. Indeed, why is it surprising that the owners of Legoland decided to decorate the park with a traditional Christmas tree on Christmas Eve? In general, nothing, except for one circumstance – the giant forest beauty is completely assembled from Lego parts.

To create a 10-meter Christmas tree, 364,481 LEGO and Duplo building “bricks” were used. Work on the original project lasted only 2909 hours. The top of the Christmas tree will be decorated with a large Lego star snowflake weighing 80 kg, assembled from 5251 cubes. Traditional toys, candles, lollipops and more will hang on the green branches.

We are very excited about what is to be one of the biggest Christmas celebrations at LEGOLAND Windsor,” says Paula Loughton, Principal Amusement Park Modeling Specialist. “Our guests and families plan to make up for lost time and enjoy magical memories this winter, which they were unable to do due to restrictions last year.

In fact, in the entertainment complex, not only the new Christmas tree will be dedicated to the theme of Christmas. In addition to her, visitors to the park are waiting for the main character of the Christmas holidays – a huge figure of Santa Claus in a red suit, also assembled from Lego parts.

Visitors to the English Legoland will receive a unique gift

Also, everyone will be able to “ride” on the famous Santa’s red sleighon which he usually delivers New Year’s gifts to boys and girls around cities and villages.

Thus, the Christmas holiday at Legoland gets a special playground where children and their parents can have great fun. It is also important that there is an opportunity to hold photo sessions against the backdrop of this beauty in order to preserve the memory of visiting such a unique corner of Legoland for life.

Christmas at Legoland

So, on November 27, a solemn event will take place in the English “Legoland” on the occasion of the inclusion of the New Year’s star and garlands on the new Christmas Tree. The place around her will turn into a winter wonderland. Here visitors will be greeted by Santa Claus in his magical log cabin. In the Lego workshop, children will be able to build their own mini-train and assemble a variety of Christmas toys. The festivities will last until January 3, 2022.


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