Football stars battled in LEGO foosball

The Danish company Lego has announced a world football holiday for the end of October 2022. The decision has already been made to officially present their own version of the popular game in the constructor 21337 LEGO Ideas Table Football. The sports kit will hit stores on November 1, 2022.

By the way, at the moment there are already those who were lucky enough to test a fully functional novelty. The chosen ones are legendary football icon and World Cup winner Thierry Henry (pictured left holding the Cup) and current Manchester United and England celebrity Marcus Rushford MBE.

It turns out that football stars are long-time fans of the “world of cubes.” Therefore, the Danes invited them to be the first in the world to fight on the newly-minted football field and at the same time take part in the filming of a commercial. It is clear from the video that the more experienced football player Thierry Henry achieved success in hand-to-hand football.

“Throughout my career, I have played football everywhere you can imagine, from my garden to stadiums around the world, and now in the LEGO Ideas table football set! Thierry Henry said, “In LEGO play, the key is to use the unifying spirit of sport to rebuild the game for fans around the world. I’m thrilled to see the new Lego set bringing people around the world together as they master the game of brick-shaped foosball.

– I love building with LEGO bricks, but building and playing football against Thierry Henry in LEGO form is amazing! – joins colleague Marcus Rashford, – Football brings fans together and it’s good to see that the foosball set LEGO Ideass does the same.

Football stars Thierry Henry and Marcus Rashford MBE clash in Lego foosball

Recall that the newly appeared desktop version was developed by 16-year-old Hungarian construction fan Donat Fehervari. The project participated in the LEGO idea competition under the motto “We love sports”. The transformation of the author’s idea into an official constructor was carried out by the designer of the Danish company Antika Brachanov. Here is her take on the kit:

– What does a foosball set do LEGO Ideas so amazing is that it embodies the spirit of the sport. Donat’s design reflects the general wave of emotions that fans experience when watching football matches. At The LEGO Group, we’re incredibly proud to bring this set to life, allowing fans to swap football boots for bricks and get inspired to play for the love of football.

On the eve of the start of sales, October 29-30, a presentation of the new Lego table football will take place in the French capital Paris. Among other things, visitors will be able to take part in a foosball competition hosted by LEGO officials. Among the guests of the two-day event “For the Joy of the Game!” will be the legendary footballer Thierry Henry.

Football stars Thierry Henry and Marcus Rashford MBE clash in Lego foosball

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