Floor washer LEGO EV3

The floor cleaning robot moves by turning two discs parallel to the floor. With the help of elastic bands, rags moistened with a cleaning solution can be fixed on the discs and then your floor will become a little cleaner.

Floor washer LEGO EV3

The design of the robot is simple and can be assembled very quickly. Assembly instructions can be found below. I used set LEGO Mindstorms Education EV3 (45544)with a strong desire, you can make a similar robot from the home version (31313), but then you will need to change the program.

For the robot to clean the floor, a simple demo program is written. The program is designed for the fact that the room will be rectangular. The robot must be placed in the corner of the room so that there is a wall next to it on the left. After that, the program can be launched. The diagram below shows how the robot moves.

Unfortunately, the standard gyroscope lego does not measure the angle of rotation very accurately and the robot can gradually move away from a straight line, so it is better if the room is smaller. Better yet, use a more accurate third-party gyroscope.

LEGO EV3 Floor Cleaner Robot Movement Diagram

And here is a video where you can evaluate how the robot moves:


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