First photos of Jazz Band set inspired by a LEGO fan

Fans of construction will learn about the upcoming innovations of the Lego company from a variety of sources. Usually, the kits are announced by the manufacturer’s representatives themselves, but sometimes it is done by buyers who suddenly discover a new product.

This is exactly what happened with the future designer 21334 LEGO Ideas Jazz Quartet. It was discovered by a customer named theaddshot and decided to purchase a new set. However, this attempt was unsuccessful, as the box office said that the designer can only be bought from October 1.

After theaddshot shared his find on social media, commenters speculated that the set was listed by the store in error. They also concluded that, most likely, it will become available from July 1 in official online stores, but it will appear on free sale only in October. A similar approach is often practiced by Lego.

Meanwhile, the erroneous announcement provided fans with information about the new set long before the official release. So, according to the published pictures, it is clear that the set consists of 1606 parts and is addressed to an adult audience of the 18+ category. The price is expected to be 99.99 euros.

First images of LEGO Ideas Jazz Quartet branded box revealed

It looked like the author’s model Xinwei Chi.

As for the prefabricated toy itself, it generally retains the main idea of ​​the author of the project, Xinwei Chi. Recall that his work with the original model was selected by a competent jury in the February 2021 review among those projects that will be released as an official designer Lego.

The company’s designers have made many changes in specific details.

For example:

  • pianist miniature figurine changed from male to female;
  • changes were made to the construction of tools, to the color scheme;
  • judging by the images on the back side of the branded box, the design of the stage space has been revised – now it is created using a modular technology and each musician has received a separate nominal “island”.

Of course, all these changes diversified the presentation of the jazz quartet and made the “picture” with the musicians more dynamic, simply by rearranging the figures from one place to another.

The model promises to be a very beautiful decoration. It can be placed in any suitable place, as the dimensions are large enough – width 43 cm, height 20 cm.

First images of LEGO Ideas Jazz Quartet branded box revealed

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