Fantastic New LEGO Set Conquers Fans

Release of a new designer for adults 10300 LEGO Creator Back to the Future Time Machine caused an unprecedented stir among construction fans even before the official opening of the auction. Therefore, the long queues of buyers that arose on April 1 in toy stores surprised few people, as they were quite expected.

But what happened next, none of the experts could even imagine. A set worth 169.99 euros (15,665 rubles) was literally swept away from store shelves and online marketplaces in just 24 hours!

So the constructor 10300 LEGO Creator Back to the Future Time Machine instantly became the fastest-selling set of the month that began. Now on the websites of all the world’s online stores on the pages with this product there is an inscription: “Temporarily out of stock.” It’s hard to believe it, but the novelty of the Danish manufacturer is completely sold out all over the world! This is the first time in Lego’s recent history that such an instant success has occurred.

Apparently, nostalgia played a decisive role here, on which the marketers of the Danish company made the main bet and got, as they say, into the top ten. Among adult fans of the “world of cubes” there are many those for whom distant childhood was remembered along with everything else, of course, the cult film of the 80s of the last century “Back to the Future”. It’s no wonder the toy model car has attracted so much attention.

An important factor was also the opportunity to choose the version of the assembly of the “time machine”, which by design will correspond to the first, second or third film. In general, a toy for adults brings a lot of joy.

Now buyers who failed to purchase a novelty on April 1, expect an additional supply of goods. However, if Lego shipped a fully released set, then restocking should be expected only in a few months. Therefore, everyone is invited to leave applications in online stores so that when the designer returns 10300 LEGO Creator Back to the Future Time Machine they sent an email to the warehouse.

This news shows that sales in April did not start so quietly. And if you take into account that new releases of designers are expected within a month, then buyers will definitely not be bored!

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